A bloggy June to you!


Welcome aboard the good ship June-blog! I’ll be your captain for  the next few weeks. The next month, even. Wow! I’m very excited.

Actually I’m very excited about lots of things at the moment. For a start, we’ve had four glorious days of sunshine in Dunedin. In DUNEDIN!! Would you believe it?

I’m also excited because I’ve got heaps of new books coming out this year. Ten, to be precise. (Is 10 enough to make a heap?) Hopefully in the next month I’ll be able to share some bits and pieces with you, and maybe show you some amazing illustrations. It’s always exciting when I see the first drawings for a new book. Illustrators are so clever! Sometimes I wish I could draw. I can only draw stickman … and stickwoman. But if Icould draw, maybe I wouldn’t be good at writing. And I LOVE writing. Hmmm, it would be a difficult decision though. If you had to choose between being a great writer and a great illustrator, which one would YOU choose? (Assuming you can’t be both, of course!)

I’m also very excited about the FaBo2 writing project that’s starting on June 13. Last year nine writers got together and wrote a novel together. We wrote a new chapter each week and asked kids to write their OWN chapter. It was a lot of fun, and we discovered some amazing young writers. (They probably already knew they were amazing writers, I imagine, but we’re going to take the credit anyway!) This year we’re creating a new planet called FaBo2. Each week there will be a new writing challenge. The OverCouncil  will provide a genre, a character and a setting, and it’s up to YOU to write a story. If you like writing, or know someone who does, check out  www.fabostory2.blogspot.com I’ve always loved reading about other planets and aliens and stuff, so I’m really looking forward to reading some amazing stories!

There’s also a page on the blog where you can tell us your favourite hamburger recipe! I love hamburgers. Espceially old-fashioned hamburgers like my mum used to make. They had EVERYTHING on it. A big steak, lettuce, tomato, onion, beetroot and fried egg. They were almost too big to fit in your mouth. Almost. I think EVERY hamburger has to have beetroot on it. Otherwise it’s not a proper hamburger. What’s YOUR most important hamburger ingredient? (And if you have a special hamburger recipe, send it to the FaBo team at – fabostory@gmail.com )

So, what else am I excited about? I’m excited about living in Dunedin, too. Normally I live in MIllers Flat (which is in the middle of nowhere … honestly!!) but for the last four months I’ve been the Writer in Residence at the Otago College of Education. I’ve got an office overlooking the Leith stream, so all day I can watch the seagulls and pigeons fighting for the best roosting spots. So far the seagulls are winning, I think. But it’s hard to know for sure. Some of those pigeons are looking pretty pleased with themselves. I suspect they might have a secret weapon up their sleeves. (If they had sleeves, of course. )

But most of all, I’m very excited about just being a writer. Every morning I have to pinch myself just so I know I’m not dreaming. (OUCH!)  When I was growing up, I wanted to be a pirate. At least I thought I did. Now I know I actually wanted to be a writer, but everybody said a writer wasn’t a proper job. But it is!! Isn’t that exciting???  Strangely, I’ve never written a story about a pirate.

What do you want to be when YOU grow up? Let me know! Even if you’re already grown up, you can also tell me what you wanted to be when you were young.

And if you have any questions, or things you’d like me to blog about, let me know!

OK, I better get back to work. I’ve got some treasure that needs burying before those pesky  Royal Navy frigates turn up…


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