Celebrate Matariki at your library

Not only does it start to get colder in June, but we also celebrate Matariki, the beginning of the Maori New Year.  Matariki (translated as tiny eyes) is a small cluster of stars that appears at this time of the year.

When we see Matariki appear in the night sky it means that it is time to prepare, to share ideas, to
remember the past and celebrate the future. Throughout Matariki we learn about those who came before us: our history, our family.

Some of the ways that you can celebrate Matariki are:

  • Make and fly a kite – kites were seen as the connectors between heaven and earth and were often flown during Matariki, especially on the first day of the New Year.
  • Cook a meal for friends and whanau.  Invite everyone around and enjoy lots of kai.
  • Celebrate your whakapapa (family history).  While you have all your whanau around for a feast, everyone could share a story.  Talk to your grandparents and find out what life was like when they were a kid.

There are lots of fun events happening throughout Matariki in your local library and you can even go to the Nga Hau e Wha National Marae to try some craft activities and watch Kapa Haka performances.  Check out our Matariki events brochure for more information.

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