The Queen’s birthday?

So this weekend we get an extra holiday because it’s the Queen’s birthday. I wonder what the Queen does for her birthday? It must be hard to buy a birthday present for the Queen. Any idea what YOU would buy the Queen? It’s very nice of her to give us all a holiday.

I’m going home to Millers Flat for four whole days. Hopefully it’s nice weather, because my garden is slowly becoming a jungle, and I’m hoping I can get it looking a bit tidier by the end of the weekend. Or maybe I should give up and let it grow into a jungle. It would be pretty cool to live in a jungle. Except the monkeys would probably keep sneaking into my house ans stealing my bananas. And it might be hard to sleep with elephants trumpeting all the time.

Speaking of elephants, my new book (well, it’s kinda new, because it only came out in February) is about an elephant with little ears. The book’s called Three cheers for No-ears. In the story, No-ears gets teased by all the other elephants because he has tiny ears. But in the end he discovers that small ears can be useful sometimes, too. I don’t know what I’d do if I had tiny ears. OR huge floppy ears!! But I think it would be very useful to have a tail… or maybe not. Hmmmm, do you think having a tail would be cool, or not?

OK, I better get back to work.  I’m visiting the Balmacewan Intermediate school writing group this afternoon. It’s always fun meeting keen young writers. Have a great weekend!!!

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    zackids said,

    I would imagine the Queen drinks a lot of tea so I would send her some New Zealand Breakfast tea for her to enjoy with a Gingernut or two.

    I’d love to have a tail but I think it would depend on what sort of tail you have. If you had a pigs tail, they’re pretty useless, but if you had a nice long tail like a monkey you could swing through the trees.

    I hope you enjoy your long weekend too Kyle. Good luck with your garden!

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