Quakes, shakes and rattlesnakes

Hi Christchurch!

What a terrible time everyone must be having up there with all the earthquakes. I was really sorry to hear about it on the news the other day. I hope everyone managed to get through it all safely … again. I’m not sure what I’d do if I lived in Christchurch. I’ve only felt 2 earthquakes in my entire life. And they were just mild shakes, really. I can’t imagine how it must feel to have shakes like that all the time, and you never know if, or when, there’s another big earthquake coming. It must be terrible.

Whenever bad things happen to me, I write a story about it. It always helps me put things in perspective and get things clearer in my head. Not just what happened, but how I feel about it, what I think about, and what has changed both in me and my world.  In a way, I feel lucky to be a writer. Because I know that experiencing bad things gives me good ideas for my stories. And, more

importantly, because I can remember how I felt during those bad moments, I can use those emotions and memories to make my stories a lot more powerful.

You might have heard the expression that experiencing bad things makes us stronger. I think it also makes us better writers. I also think it makes everyone better people, too. At least I hope it does!

I know you’ve all got more important things on your minds at the moment, so I’ll finish my blog now. I really just wanted to send you all my best wishes and good luck!

I’m sure lots of you have written stories about the earthquakes as well. If you’d like to share them with me, you can send them to kyle@kylemewburn.com

Best wishes from a rainy Dunedin!


PS If you haven’t checked out the FaBo blog, there’s still time to submit a story for this week’s challenge. Just go to


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    zackids said,

    It’s a great idea to tell your earthquake story Kyle. We have a page on our website where kids and adults can donate their earthquake stories, so that we’ll have a record of everyone’s experiences. If any Christchurch kids would like to donate their story just go to this page http://christchurchcitylibraries.com/Forms/Earthquake/

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