The Wolf in the Wardrobe by Susan Brocker

When Finn comes across a car accident, little does he realize that his life is about to change forever.  The huge, injured animal he discovers is no dog – but a wolf, escaped from the circus that he went to with his Dad.  Finn knows that he must save the wolf, Lupa, and prevent her from returning to the circus and the sinister circus clown, Cackles, who torments her.

Finn takes her to the vet and they patch her up, but then he has to figure out how he will pay the vet bill.  Where will he hide her and how will he feed her?  When Finn’s Nana discovers Lupa in the wardrobe, he thinks he’ll be in big trouble, but his Nana thinks Lupa is her old dog Molly and she only wants to keep her safe.  Meanwhile, Cackles the Clown is hot on their trail and will stop at nothing to get Lupa back.  But Cackles doesn’t even like wolves though so why is he so determined to get her?

The Wolf in the Wardrobe is a great story about a boy who will do whatever he can to protect his animal friend.  Finn gives up the things that he loves so that he can earn extra money to help Lupa and learns all that he can about wolves to help take care of her.  Finn’s Nana was my favourite character, because she made me laugh and even though she would forget who Finn was sometimes, she’d help him to care for Lupa.  I also liked the character of Cackles because he was so sinister and creepy.  If you like books about animals or just a story with great characters, you’ll love Wolf in the Wardrobe by Susan Brocker.    Recommended for 9+    8 out of 10

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    nikita said,

    that book sounds like a mystery book. i like those sorts of things so i will check it out at a library sometime.
    your books are awesome,

    • 2

      Aliyah said,

      hey Nikita i have this book so if you reply to me tommorow at school i could let you read it so come round to 8b1 tommorow and come and see me okay

  2. 4

    Muzammil ali said,

    Muzammil said,

    i think this is a really good book for kids to read and read.

  3. 5

    Anonymous said,

    Great, i live in england but i gott the book when i was home in new zealand! I want more now! 🙂

  4. 6

    shayla said,

    cool book I just hired it out

  5. 7

    lola said,

    i love the bit about the pups and about his nana hids there stuff

  6. 8

    Abbyjean said,

    It well be cool having a wolf but it would be frisky about Cackles

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