Aquarius My Ohu Year

Estelle’s Mum and dad fights a lot. One day Estelle’s mum got sick of their rows and left the house to go camping with Estelle and some of her hippie friends. Estelle’s mum told her that it was just for a short holiday but little did Estelle know just how long the ” little holiday,” was planned to be. Estelle had to get up early in the morning to travel for long hours but finally they arrived. They all gathered up to have a meeting and decided to call the place Aquarius. They started to build Aquarius and soon enough Estelle and the others had to use an open toilet hole where flies would sit. Estelle had to just do with many things like that and it might take a while to get used to. The big question is, Will Estelle’s mum turn her into a hippy as well or will she just refuse? Run down to the library and get the book to find out!

By Anne

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