Do Not Push by Kyle Mewburn

If you found a big, red button in the middle of a forest, would you push it? Even if it said DO NOT PUSH?

Cam likes to explore the forest behind his house.  He feels like it might change and move around when he’s not looking because there’s always something new to explore.  One day, he decides to check out the pond to see if the tadpoles have legs yet, but he falls down a bank and finds himself in a gully surrounded by steep cliffs.  One of the cliffs is covered in vines, but he notices that there is a large, red button behind the vines, with the words DO NOT PUSH written underneath.  Cam doesn’t think anyone will notice if he pushes the button and he doesn’t think anything has happened.  As he turns to leave he sees a green lever that says PLEASE PULL, but he leaves it and runs home.  When he gets home, he realises that something strange has happened, all because he pushed the button.  Suddenly there are no rules and everyone is acting really weird.

Do Not Push is the hilarious new book by our June Star Author, Kyle Mewburn.  He shows you that a world without rules would be fun but also a little embarrassing.  Who really wants to see their mum sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor in her pajamas, eating icecream with her hands?   I also really liked Sarah N. Anderson’s illustrations, especially the one of Cam when he’s in town watching all the chaos.  If you like short and funny stories, Do Not Push is perfect.  Recommended for 7+   8 out of 10


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    […] is our June Star Author and to celebrate we’re giving away two copies of his brand new book, Do Not Push.  All you have to do to enter the competition is answer this […]

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      Annalyse age:9 said,

      i think the world will open up and the trees will turn into scary monsters if i push a big red button that said do not push

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    starauthor said,

    Answer what? Can I enter the competition? Glad you like my book. I’m not very good at obeying rules, I must say. Not even grammar rules! I always question whether the rule is a good rule, or whether it’s just there because somebody doesn’t have a sense of humour or fun! But I certainly wouldn’t want to live in a place with NO rules.

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    emily tikey said,

    i’m really exieted to see the new book it look like a good one !!

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    Hannah said,

    cool if I saw a red buttun that said do not touch I would touch it ! And wait for the chaos to happen!

  5. 6

    Cassidy AGE: 9 years said,

    i think anything could happen if that button said DO NOT PUSH!!! and i think that anything could happen!!!!!!!

  6. 7

    alexandra said,

    I am so excited this book looks good

  7. 8

    nikita smith, 9 years old said,

    i think something really bad would happen if a button that said do not push got pushed.that book sounds interesting so i may read it. chaos would probably break out if that red button was pushed.
    love your books,

  8. 9

    Darcy said,

    If i saw a big red button in the middle of the forest and it said do not push i would not push it because i know what do not push means.

  9. 10

    alexandra said,

    i think that if i pushed a do not press button then i think the world would blow up.mehehe

  10. 11

    Darcy said,

    If i saw a big red button in the middle of the forest that said do not push i would not push it because i know what do not push means.

  11. 12

    Andrew said,

    If I saw a big button that said do not push in the forest I would not push it because I know what do not push means.If I pushed it nothing would happen.Also because I didn’t push it

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    Alara said,

    If i pushed a red button that said DO NOT PRESS personally i would not press it but if i did I think a massive door would reveal itself under a whole lot of ivy and vines and would automatically and out would come a Dragon and i would turn around and run and out would pop another red button that said do not push i would push it and reveal another dragon because i was in such a panic!

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    Aliyah said,

    it looks like a really cool book .What would I do if their was a big red button in the rainforest and the button says Do Not Push i would so press it.It might open up a secret door or it might lead me to a castle i dont know anything is possible

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    starauthor said,

    WOW! What great answers!! I’m not sure if I’d push the button, either. BUT I might because otherwise I’d never know what could have happened. When I wrote the story I thought of all those other signs that tell me NOT to do stuff – like “Keep off the grass” or “Wet Paint”. I never can resist standing on the grass or touching the paint just to see what happens. Sometimes I get paint on my fingers. But sometimes it’s an old sign and nothing happens, and I feel a bit brave.
    It’s a bit scary, I must admit. Mainly because my dad was a policeman, so when I was growing up, he was ALWAYS telling us not to do stuff. If we disobeyed him, we would get the strap. OUCH! So every time I do something “naughty” I still thnk I’ll get the strap.
    Hopefully when you read my book, you’ll like my story about what happens when Cam pushes the button. Let me know what you think!

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    starauthor said,

    Hi again! So, for all you very well-behaved kids who WOULDN’T push the button, what do you think might happen if you ACCIDENTALLY slipped and fell on the button? And would you run home to tell your parents, or would you try to fix things yourself? I’d LOVE to hear what you think!

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