Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney

If you have not read this book I think you should read this as it is a really funny book.  It is about a wimpy kid that has a wimpy life.  His name is Greg.  His mum gave him a diary for him to write his feelings in it.  His family treats him like a baby except for his brother Rodrick.   He pulls all sorts of pranks on him and then Greg will pull the pranks on his friend Rowley.  If you want to learn more get a book and read it for yourself.

From Emile

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  1. 1

    Connor Kearns said,

    very cool book

  2. 2

    mayna said,

    This is a great book!!

  3. 3

    Lily said,

    This book looks like a really good book I have heard of these books before.My brother Flynn is reading a Diary Of A Wimpy Kid book right now.

  4. 5

    emily/holly said,

    Hi this book sounds interesting I will have to read it some time soon.
    I have seen the movie so I should have a pretty good idear of what it will be about.

  5. 6

    sydney said,

    This book is a cool book because it talks about kids in a diary of a wimpy kid

  6. 7

    natasha said,

    diary of a wimpy kid sounds like a really interesting book i can’t wait to read it.

  7. 8

    ashleigh said,

    this book is a cool book because it talks about kids in a high school going through a mid-life crisis

  8. 9

    emily/holly said,

    Hi i love the movie of diary of a wimpy kid.
    I would so love to read the book of it. I will have to make sure I do

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