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Hi again from a very, very, VERY drizzly miserable Dunedin! I don’t actually mind the rain, because I don’t have to leave the house all day (or all week, even) if I don’t want to. That’s one of the best things about being a writer. The OTHER best thing, which is actually a million times better is having a new book published!!

I’ve been very lucky getting my stories published, I must say. This year I’ve got TEN books coming out. On Thursday night we had a very nice party at the Teacher’s College in Dunedin to launch my latest two new books – Hester & Lester and DO NOT PUSH! Zac has already told you all about my DO NOT PUSH book. But I’d still be very interested to hear what YOU think might happen if you pushed a big red button that said DO NOT PUSH.

My other book is called Hester & Lester. It’s about a big sister trying to make her little brother happy using her imagination. They build a castle out of things they find in the forest, then make a moat and find a platoon of soldiers in dashing suits of armour (who are snails, really). When I was growing up, my little sister and I were always building cubby-houses out of all sorts of stuff. We’d pretend they were castles or secret hideaways and we’d have battles in the back yard. Because I was the older brother, I always had to come up with ideas for our games. Sometimes it was hard thinking of new games all the time. But I could always think of something new and exciting. That’s what I do today, too.  Except now I write down my stories … and I don’t build castles anymore.

Do you have a little brother or sister? If you do, who comes up with the best ideas? What sort of games do you play? Let me know and I might use one of them in a story.

OK, I better get back to work. Until next time, have an imagination-filled day!!


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    Alara said,

    I like building castles…. especially on the couch using blankets,quilts and pegs and my cousin and i would spend hours nattering about what colour blankets and peg to use!
    Can you please post some writing tips on writing a professional narritive?

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      starauthor said,

      Hi Alara! Your blanket castle sounds cool. It’s very important to use the right colour pegs, too. Do you and your cousin agree on the right colours in the end? My sister and I would sometimes spend so long discussing what our castle should look like, we didn’t have time to build it. I wasn’t allowed to make castles on the couch, either. We had to make our castles outside under the old gum tree. We used old pieces of wood, branches, old sheets and the wheelbarrow.
      Anyway, you asked for some narrative tips, so I’ll think about that tonight and post it on the blog tomorrow.

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    ashleigh said,

    i love this book cause it is a good at pics and writing

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      starauthor said,

      Hi Ashleigh!
      I’m glad to hear you love my book. The weird thing about writing stories for kids is I never know if anyone will like it or not until it’s already in the shops. Then it’s too late!! I never read my stories to anyone before I send them to the publisher. Luckily I’m still a bit of a kid myself. 😉

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