Mystery week at FaBo

Hi again!

By the way, has anyone written a story for FaBo this week? I hope so, because I’m the judge this week. If not, there’s still time. You’ve got until 5 o’clock tonight. Check out the details etc at –  

This week’s challenge was to write a mystery story. I used to read loads of mystery stories when I was younger. But I haven’t read any for a long time. And I’ve certainly never WRITTEN a mystery story before. It was very difficult coming up with an idea. I finished my story last night, and you can read it next week when I post it on the blog along with the winning story (or stories …) I’m also going to give an extra prize this week for the funniest sentence or word or simile. I’m allowed to do that because I’m the judge! hehehehehehe

OK, I hope to read some exciting entries from Christchurch this week. Now I SERIOUSLY need to do some proper writing…


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