War Horse movie trailer

War Horse is Michael Morpurgo’s amazing story about a boy who sets out on a journey to rescue his horse from the battlefields of  World War I.  You have to wait until December 29th 2011 to watch the movie, but you can get the book from your library now so that you can read it before you watch it.

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    Rhianna said,

    This looks awesome.I think it looks really cool.I would love to go see the movie.I’m so horse crazy because I think horses are amazing creatures.I love books,movies and everything else to do with the magical creature the horse.

    p.s i’d love a prize to do with horses like books,tickets and goodies.

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    Rhianna said,


    Me again I just want you to know I have An email address.

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    […] TrailerWar Horse Poster RevealedWar Horse – Trailer & PosterEarlyWord: The PublisherWar Horse movie trailer // // /* The Recent Posts Container. */ div.srp-widget-container { display : table; clear : […]

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    […] this all changed when the trailer for War Horse appeared on my small screen. Suddenly the TV and my lounge were too small for such an epic story… […]

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