Introducing Cristy Burne: Star Author for July

cristy burne and headsHi! I’m Cristy Burne, author of the Takeshita Demons books and Star Author for July. Nice to eat you!

I was born in Tauranga, but now I live in Australia (my dad is from New Zealand and my mum is from Australia so we moved to Australia when I was 13).

Below I’ve answered my Top 5 questions to myself. Since it’s a bit sad to interview yourself, please ask me your own questions by commenting at the bottom of this post: I’d love to answer them for you.

But for now…

My Top 5 interview questions for me : Cristy Burne

1) Why did you become a writer?
Because I love making stuff up. When I’m writing, I can do whatever I like. I can introduce new characters, kill off old characters, make something really terrible happen to my favourite characters and then rescue them again. It’s like having a videogame inside your head. It’s like being the director of your own movie. There is seriously nothing cooler than inventing a whole pile of stuff and seeing it come to life.

2) Do you like reading?
Yes! When I’m reading, I can do anything. I can slay dragons, fight aliens, climb mountains, win races, explore new countries, fall in love… I can get inside someone else’s head and have an idea of what it feels like to be them. So yes, I love love love reading, especially in bed at night, when everything else is quiet and it’s just me and my book and the adventure.

3) How many books have you written?
Takeshita Demons and The Filth LickerTakeshita Demons was my first published. Before Takeshita Demons I wrote heaps of other things: articles, short stories, diaries, poems, riddles…plus three other books that have never been published because they’re hidden in my bottom drawer.

There are at least three books in the Takeshita Demons series: Takeshita Demons, The Filth Licker (out now!) and Monster Matsuri (out next year!). I’m writing the next Takeshita Demons book right now!….

4) Has Takeshita Demons won any prizes?
Yes (and thank you for asking ;-)). Takeshita Demons won the 2009 Frances Lincoln Diverse Voices Children’s Book Award. This prize is awarded to a story that features a character or a culture whose voice might not otherwise be heard. In the case of Takeshita Demons, that’s the voice of Miku Takeshita, the star of the story. Miku is a Japanese girl who has moved with her family to live in England. She and her best friend Cait end up having to break into their school in the middle of a snowstorm to fight a headless demon who’s pretending to be their supply teacher. Spooky!

5) Is it true that you’re incredibly good-looking and intelligent?
Well, I don’t like to comment on that (blush).  But thank you for asking. 😉

(So, as you can see, when you’re writing you can make up whatever you like! It’s fabulous fun.)

And don’t forget…if you have any other questions, put them in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Happy writing and reading!
And…don’t forget to enter our Make-a-monster Competition: invent a demon and win a prize!


Cristy Burne
Author of the Takeshita Demons series

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