Make-a-monster competition: invent a demon, win a prize!

cristy burne and headsHi! I’m Cristy Burne, author of the Takeshita Demons books and Star Author for July.

I love writing about spooky creatures from Japanese ghost stories and mythology , and all this month I’ll be sharing my favourite Japanese demons (called yokai) with you.

Here’s where the competition starts:
This month, all through July, I’m asking you to invent your own demon. Simply post your demon’s details as a comment and you could win your very own copy of Takeshita Demons.

The winner will be the person whose demon makes us laugh the most (or shiver with fear…)

What you have to do:

What YOU have to do is this: Invent your own favourite demon…then tell me about it!

You can go crazy… Make up any kind of demon you like, and then post about it in the comments.

I want to know:

your demon’s name and

– a couple of interesting things about it.

Just post these details as a comment below and you (and your demon) are in the running to win.

Demonic brain-starters

You don’t have to answer all these questions, but here are some ideas to get your imaginations going…

What does your demon like to eat? What does it look like?
Where does it live?

Is it an evil demon? A love-sick demon?
A demon who likes to eat cold toast and juggle glass eyeballs?

What secret powers does it have? What is its secret weakness?
Why does it always carry a dirty sock in its pocket?

…So…introduce us. I can’t wait to meet it!

Still stuck for ideas? Check out this memory game on my website: it features Japanese demons from 230 years ago and may inspire you to create your own wierd and wonderful demon inventions…

Happy writing and reading!


Cristy Burne
Author of the Takeshita Demons series

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  2. 2

    Jakob said,

    my demons name is nacknim my demon eats raw sewage eye balls and worms he lives in a apandin warehouse he has a bright red steaming face with dark black eyes pink long horns and long green hair his weaknes is soap because he likes being dirty he carrys a dirty sock in his pocket because he has it for good luck and he likes the smell its powers are vomit gun and he is the baddest demon ever

  3. 3

    cristyburne said,

    That is entirely awesome Jakob! What a great demon. And what a tasty menu! (Blergh!)
    Thanks for your entry!! You’re the first for the month…Woo hoo!

  4. 4

    Ruby said,

    My demon is called Goyrolc she is grey with diagonal black stripes and red fiery eyes. She eats orange chocolate and banana chocolate chip muffins. Wherever she goes she leaves a pile of purple goo and burnt toast behind her. Goyrolc lives on top of a power pole and sleeps in a pile of poison ivy. She has 24 toes ,twelve on each foot,sixty nine eyes and one arm. Her parents left her when she was 102 and wont come back till she is 4690! She is as tall as one elephant

  5. 5

    cristyburne said,

    Awesome!! Nice work Ruby…what a scary demon (but a much tastier menu…I think Goyrolc and I could be chocolate friends). I hope she gets a good night’s sleep. I’m glad I don’t have to sleep on a power pole in poison ivy!
    Thanks for your entry!!

  6. 6

    Taylah said,

    My demon is called Dusk. It has red streaks down its cheek. Its colour is pink and green shaded in together. My demon likes to eat naughty people and drink brain juice so watch out! My demon steals dirty undies and doesn’t sleep. It has sharp teeth and horns on its head. It has shoulder length hair and never shows in the sunlight. Its eyes change colour depending on the weather. Dusk does not have a gender because it is a creature. Dusk will attack anyone coming near. It lives in an underground cottage and has three toes and fingers. Dusk has achieved its I.C.T skills. Dusk can live up to 500 years. Dusk is more like a a vampire.

    • 7

      cristyburne said,

      Dusk sounds like an awesome demon, and super-scary too! Although it could be handy to have something around to eat naughty people…. Hmmmm……
      Thanks for your terrific entry Taylah!

  7. 8

    Lily said,


    Rogger is my deamon he’s a short and stubby little thing.He’s not very smart but theres always a siler lining out of everything he say. Rogger can’t sit still his mother says he has got ants in his pants. He loves french fries with home made tomatoe sause. He’s a cold colourded black with sparkling sapphire eyes. He’s quite shy and has lovely manners.

  8. 10

    Anais said,

    My demon is called a yazala and she is a female devil with a disgusting nature.It has no soal due to its heart stopping dal with the devil.It injoys to eat chocolate due to her femenan side but she has to eat it mesy due to the animal inside her.It is a shape shifter that can only chabge when the moon takes over.It only shows its self in the night or it will glow like a million jems and be shown and killied.It is bright blue and has stringy hair that is never brushed.It lives in a small cave under majestic falls.It has devil horns like mountins and a daggar at the end of of its tail.

  9. 14

    Sophie Yeoman said,

    The Oglesmock
    My demon is called an oglesmock it has bright green dreadlocks. It has two toes it doesn’t have a nose just nostrils.It also has strange markings around it’s eyes. It has pointy fingers that are as sharp as a knife. It has it’s lips sewn together as it spoke wrongly to the gods. The oglesmock can shape-shift. But you can tell it apart because it always walks through walls and doesn’t notice it also has a strange green glow around it. It’s breath can kill a man at close range as it smells that bad. It always carries a very clean sock in it’s pocket. It usually lives under a barn. It feeds on goldfish as it heard that if you eat one you will get a lifetimes supply of gold. But it’s dirty wish hasn’t come true yet. He travels on a chicken with an abnormally long neck.It is as big as a human and it has wings folded neatly into it’s back that come out when they are needed.

    • 15

      cristyburne said,

      What a spooky Oglesmock! I also like the idea of its long-necked chicken ride…I want a turn! In the mean time, I will keep my eyes peeled for an odd-smelling creature with a strange green glow and maybe even try eating a goldfish (OK, I’m joking about the goldfish, I promise!)

  10. 16

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  11. 17

    tierney reardon said,

    My demon’s name is Gyrannon, and she is a Ectokezzla. Ectokezzlas can hide in all sorts of random objects, but they are given away by the violet smoke that tends to gush out of the object that they are hiding in. When they’re not inside something, Ectokezzlas have a body of violet smoke, and they have holes for eyes, filled with the occasional bolt of lightning. They are terribly paraniod that soon all of Earth will know of their existence. They eat the crumbling pages of old books, and drink the dark colour that you see in stormclouds. Ectokezzlas are dangerous because they can suck lightning from the sky, and release it onto anyone threatening them. They all have different weaknesses. Gyrannon’s weaknesses are sunshine, the sound of seagulls, and Miley Cyrus music (eeurgh). Finally, Ectokezzlas are endangered, because larger demons tend to snack on them before meals. I suggest leaving a large amount of clutter around, so that they can hide sucessfully. Save the Ectokezzlas!

    • 18

      cristyburne said,

      Thanks Tierney! That’s a great environmental message as well as a fascinating Ectokezzla demon… Luckily, my house seems perfect for harbouring an entire family of Ectokezzlas (lots of clutter!). And…right now it’s raining, so there’s plenty of stormclouds to munch on. Welcome to my place, Gyrannon!

  12. 19

    Jasmine said,

    My demon is called googleeye.It is a horse.It has 62 eyes and has a good spirit.It can run at the speed of light.And is a shape shifter!

    • 20

      cristyburne said,

      Eeek! I’d hate to run into a horse with 62 eyes late at night…very spooky indeed!! No wonder it’s called googleeye! Well done Jasmine!!

  13. 21

    Sophie said,

    My demon is called the HobbleGobble. He lives under my house and he has been there forever. He likes to eat small ponies, chocolate cake and pomegranates. He is covered in purple hair and he can change his colour. He has one big eye. He likes to sleep and he is nocturnal. He hibernates through the Summer because it is too hot for him. He can’t swim. He has seven toes on each foot and four fingers on each hand. He has an extreme fear of turkeys and he really likes trees.

    • 22

      cristyburne said,

      An extreme fear of turkeys? Yikes! Poor HobbleGobble (especially since turkeys often say “gobble, gobble, gobble”; he must live in constant fear every time someone says his name!). What a great demon…well done!

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  15. 24

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  16. 25

    cobhamkid nathan rm13 said,

    my demons name is nazerath his favorite food is fish guts.he is spiky all over he is coverd in slime and smells so bad you would faint.he lives in a tree and is very deadly

  17. 26

    cristyburne said,

    Sounds spooky! I’m going to be very careful next time I walk under a tree!! Thanks Nathan!

  18. 28

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