My Story: Sabotage by Sharon Holt.

Rowan lives with her mother, and her best friend Alex is really into Greenpeace. She begins to write to her new pen friend Lisette, who lives in France, and finds out that her brother, Rene, is coming to Auckland! When he arrives, he seems to the world a charming young man, but Rowan and Alex become suspicious when he is seen with a French lady in the street, who hands him a parcel. Soon, the Greenpeace ship, the Rainbow Warrior, is bombed, and a man dies. Rowan begins to wonder- did Rene do this? Was it my fault? And, if it was Rene, how am I going to stop him?
Sabotage is one of my favourite My Story books, because it sounds like a real girl, in a real background. I thought that lots of it was very sad, but that just makes it more real. I love how My Story books are always based on a certain historical event. Sabotage is about the Rainbow Warrior bombing, and No Survivors, another excellent book by Sharon Holt, is based on the Erebus crash. Knowing that it really happened makes it more interesting, and the more realistic something is, the better a picture I get in my head. That’s why I love historical fiction. Sabotage is best for both boys and girls, and I think that children aged from 9 to 14 would love it.

By Tierney, 11.

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