Check out our August Star Author – Sandy Nelson

We are delighted to have New Zealand author, Sandy Nelson as our August Star Author.  Welcome Sandy!  Here’s Sandy to tell us a little about herself:

My name is Sandy Nelson. I am honoured to be invited to be the Star Author for August.  Writing is my hobby. I am not a full-time writer. In fact I find it hard to find any time to write at all. That’s because I have two other jobs. They are:

  1. Being a mother to 3 boys. I am married to Dean. We have 3 boys. Josh is 15 and is doing N.C.E.A. Level One this year and working really hard. One of his favourite subjects is history! Kyle and Ryan are 7-year-old twins who love reading, rugby, skiing and being noisy. Ask your Mum or just watch her for a while – being a Mum is a busy job!
  2. I am also a school teacher at Twizel Area School. Twizel is the nearest town to Mount Cook. My school is the only school in Twizel. We have students from Year 1 all the way to Year 13 at the same school (about 180 students altogether). I teach the wonderful Year 4-5 class and also sometimes I help other teachers and kids with their work, especially in reading and writing. I used to teach in Dunedin at Corstorphine and Portobello Schools but my name was Sandy Holland then.

I write when I get some spare time. That’s when my boys are in bed and my school work is done and the dishwasher is humming (I love machines that do jobs for me!)

Here are some things I want to write about on this blog, in no particular order:

  • Why I started writing
  • How I got the idea for my book
  • Some of my favourite kids books
  • Why I think it is important to learn about history
  • Why Robert Ballard calls the sea the world’s biggest museum
  • Whether ghosts are real
  • Some poems I have written
  • My next book (sitting on my editor’s overcrowded desk, waiting for her to find time to read it!)
  • The story I am working on now (did you know that stories live in people’s heads a long time before they are written down?)
  • Some things I have learned about sailors
  • My very special Australian email friend, a veteran of the battle I wrote about
  • My favourite mountain hut (which is supposed to be haunted!)
  • Why I love being a teacher
  • What it is like to live in Twizel in the cold winter
  • My favourite ski-field
  • More about why Iron Bottom Sound was given that name

And other things that I haven’t thought about yet!

Please post your questions and comments. I’d love to hear from you.

Ka Kite Ano (see you soon).  Kia Kaha Shaky Town Kids (be strong).

From your newest Star Author,
Sandy Nelson

14 Responses so far

  1. 1

    taylor said,

    hi Mrs Nelson it is Taylor and Zoe. your book it is GREAT and everyone should read it. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 2

    ryan said,

    Hi miss nelson it is Ryan here I’m at page eight at the moment and so far it is really good and the blog is cool to bye!!!!!!

  3. 3

    starauthor said,

    Hi Taylor and Zoe and Ryan,
    Thanks for blogging! Thanks for saying great things about my book.
    Hey everyone who doesn’t know these cool kids: I’ll tell you who they are: Taylor and Ryan are cool kids from Twizel Area School and Zoe is another cool kid who used to go to Twizel Area School but now she lives in the big city of Auckland (but she’s visiting here now). That’s why they greeted me by my teacher name Mrs Nelson! Thanks you 3 – keep reading! Books can take you to another world! From Mrs Nelson

  4. 4

    Room 13 said,

    Hi Mrs Nelson,

    The Brainiest 24 here, [room 13 @ Twizel]. Lots of our students have read your book and really liked. We are looking forward to your new books. It’s cool having a published author at our school. The year 4’s are looking forward to learning with you next year.

    Ka kite ano.

  5. 6

    Anonymous said,

    I have finished the book and I loved it

    Taane Whetu

  6. 7

    Anonymous said,

    We all loved your book and it has even been to Antarctica and back! Looking forward to the next one………Ansja de Boer & Mark Whetu

  7. 8

    villabloggers said,

    this book is a really good book to read by the looks of it!!!!:)

  8. 9

    Anonymous said,

    Hi! Sandy,
    I loved your book and can’t wait to read the second one. Well done!
    Moni and Jack Andrew

  9. 10

    starauthor said,

    Thanks Moni and Jack – happy skiing!

  10. 11

    Sarah Dickson said,

    The book was a fantastic read Sandy – you have a great talent and I look forward to your next book:)
    Sarah and Millie Lewis – Dickson

  11. 12

    Anonymous said,

    A great book that is captivating and an easy read, a great accomplishment with your busy schedule Sandy, we look forward to the next one.
    Corbyn H and family

  12. 13

    Ella and Liam said,

    Hi Sandy It’s Ella and Liam (and mum and dad) we just got your email and it’s sad that they don’t want the Ghost of Hooker Hut:( I think there’s some thing online where you can publish your own book so you could do that for us to read even if Harper thingy don’t want to!!!!!
    I went to a workshop with Anna Mackenzie on the weekend for writing it was pretty epic. When are you going to do a writing workshop? Maybe when you’re next in Auckland you can come to our class and teach us… there’s sixty of us!!!!!:)
    We’re all missing you lots…
    Love from the Watkins Starrs family.

  13. 14

    liam said,

    hi its liam
    I have been learning to write good narratives
    oh yeah there is no ghost at hooker hut but if there was dad would of seen it as he jacked up the hut and moved it 90 meters.
    the ghosts of iron bottom sound is a very good book and i really liked it!
    XD =) 🙂

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