Tonight is the 69th anniversary of the Battle of Savo Island.

The Battle of Savo Island was a battle between warships.

Japanese ships attacked American and Australian ships.

The Japanese were the winners, by a long way.

The battle started at 0143 – that’s 1.43am.

The night was dark and wet and still.

Total Australian dead – 84

Total American dead – 939

Total Japanese dead – 111

And those men were only a few of those who died at Guadalcanal, and Guadalcanal was only a tiny part of the horror that was World War Two.

On this blog, tonight, I pay my respects to all those who died so that we could live in a peaceful world.

I only wish it was – a peaceful world that is. We are so lucky to live in safe and beautiful Aotearoa.

Take care everyone

From your August Star Author

Sandy Nelson

Author of The Ghosts of Iron Bottom Sound

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