Poem Number Two – from my next book

Hi everyone,

Another weekend is here. I’ve been helping my 3 boys with their homework.  My big boy is learning about how New Zealand got made. It’s fascinating stuff.

Right, here’s another poem. I wrote this one all by myself.

POEM TWO: This poem is from my second book, The Lucky Ship. The Lucky Ship hasn’t been published yet. At the moment it is a great pile of A4 pages in an unopened envelope sitting on my editor’s overcrowded desk at Harper Collins in Auckland. Hi Kate if you are reading this!

The Lucky Ship is about friendship and forgiveness and fear. Hey – did you notice my use of alliteration? Have your teachers taught you about alliteration yet?  Oh yeah, The Lucky Ship is also about hope and luck – lots of both.


Kamikaze pilots

Climbed into their flying machines

And flew south to certain death.

What was is in their minds

When they spied the glint

Of enemy metal on rolling waves?

Their Emperor’s face or their mothers?

The Japanese flag or falling blossom?

We will never know.

Here is an old postcard photo image of ‘The Lucky Ship.’ 

–          From your August Star Author, Sandy Nelson


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    starauthor said,

    I love your book it is awesomely my favourite book in the world.

    from Kyle

  2. 2

    starauthor said,

    Thanks Kyle, the funny thing is that it looks like I wrote that comment myself but I didn’t!
    (hey everyone – Kyle is one of my sons)

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