Twizel Area School students with my book!

Hi everyone,

Since I started being a writer I have had amazing support from the Twizel community and children.  Lots of the students at school have a copy of The Ghosts of Iron Bottom Sound. I love it at Silent Reading time (we call it D.E.A.R. which stands for ‘Drop Everything and Read) because lots of kids read my book then. It’s a funny but lovely feeling seeing them reading a story that I wrote!

Remember, The Ghosts of Iron Bottom Sound is a book for ages 9 up, for girls and boys, and for older people too. This photo is taken in my classroom. I teach Year 4-5 students, a wonderful group of them. We’re all going skiing at Ohau on Wednesday – yaahoo!

Here’s some sad news: Harper Collins have decided not to publish my sequel, The Lucky Ship. That’s because not enough people are buying children’s books at the moment, and because they already have enough other great books to publish. I am very disappointed (I even cried a bit), but I am happy that The Ghosts of Iron Bottom Sound got published, that it got such good reviews, and that so many children (and adults) enjoy reading it. Maybe I’ll get something else published one day. I hope so. I love writing, and my editor told me I am a fantastic writer so that helps me feel a bit better.

Here’s the photo of some Twizel kids. I am proud to know them all!

I don’t have many days left to be Star Author, so I’ll try to post lots this week.

Have a good week

From your August Star Author

Sandy Nelson

who lives in the beautiful and vast land of tussocks and mountains

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    Rhiannon said,

    Hi Sandy!
    I just finished reading your book, and I loved it!
    Keep on writing!

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