Happy Father’s Day – and More

Hello Everyone

It’s Father’s Day today and I am sitting back relaxing with my kids – and of course my husband, who is a great Dad. In fact, he just spent three days in charge of everything here at home while I jetted off to the other side of Australia to present the Dorothea MacKellar Poetry Awards.

These awards are an amazing opportunity for young poets throughout Australia to not just write poetry but also to possibly win prizes.  I was lucky to meet the prizewinners and, even though I’d read the poems a while back when I judged the competition, to get reacquainted with their poems. It blows me away how talented some of these kids are. One winner told me she’d never written a poem before she wrote one for this contest. I bet she keeps writing them!

While I was in Gunnedah I was also lucky enough to visit three schools and conduct writing workshops with some of the students.  All of this mixing with young writers was exciting for me – it reminded me of when I was younger. When I was at school I was always making up stories and poems, and used to love daily writing. In my school holidays I would write novels and books, which I would give to my mum. Luckily, she kept some of them for me, so I still have some of those early stories.

What about you?  Do you love to write? If so, do you share your writing with anyone? Whether it’s entering a contest or just giving your story to someone as a gift, sharing your writing helps you get feedback and support for your writing habit. Don’t be shy. Maybe you could write a poem for your dad today on Father’s Day.

Speak to you again soon.


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