My new book – Head Hog

I have been busy visiting lots of schools and libraries lately, celebrating Children’s Bookweek here in Australia, and talking about myself and my books.

One of the books I’ve really enjoyed reading is my newest book, Head Hog, illustrated by Ben Wood. This one is fun to read because it has lots of silly words and phrases like ‘Bumpetty bompetty, bomp’ and “Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”.  And it’s especially fun to read  because it is so brand new – meaning I’ve only read it aloud a few times. In fact this one’s so new that it hasn’t been released yet. I have my copies, and it’s for sale from the publisher’s website, but hasn’t been released to stores yet.

When I visit schools and read my books I often get asked which book is my favourite – and I always explain that I don’t have a favourite because it’s a bit like asking a Mum which child is her favourite. But, just like a mum is excited to show off her new baby, whenever I have a new book I love to show it off, because I know people haven’t seen it yet, and because I have often waited a long time to see the book published. In the case of Head Hog, I’ve had to wait a reaaaaally long time – because it’s been about six years since I started writing it.

So, while I don’t have a favourite book – here is my new baby for you to admire (the cover, anyway).


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    This looks like a fun book. When will it be released?

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    starauthor said,

    Not sure. I’m waiting on a release date. But it is avialbe through Koala Books already (and, presumably, through their distributors, Scholastic, also).

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