My Story: Below the Mountains by Jean Bennett.

Below the Mountains is about fourteen-year-old Amy McDonald, who lives in Lumsden with her mother and her seven-year-old brother, Bruce. Amy’s father is a mechanic in the Milford Road Camps, and she knows that her mother wants to join him there.
One day the McDonalds get a letter from Milford Sound, saying that they have permission to join their father in the camp. They drive to Cascade Creek camp, leaving their home and friends behind. When they arrive Amy immediately realises how dangerous the camp is. It’s freezing cold, and a very fast river rushes past the camp.
They soon move again, setting up camp near Falls Creek. “The camp looks like a scene from a war film,” Amy writes in her diary, a gift from her best friend Mary, now far far away back at Lumsden. “There’s tents and gear spread all along the strip of bush edging the noisy river. Cascade Creek was a holiday camp compared to Falls Creek.” Wind tears through their tents day and night, ash coating everything. Falls Creek is a living hell, and those living there endure fires, snow, wind, rain, avalanches, and earthquakes. Although these harsh conditions threaten to tear families apart, friends are made, and Amy gets a baby sister. But who will survive the horrors of the camp, and who will die trying? Will Amy, despite the odds, ever fulfill her dream of becoming a teacher? You’ll have to read this gripping book yourself to find out.
Below the Mountains is one of my favourite My Storys, because there’s not a single dull or dry moment. Kids who enjoy action-packed books will love it. My favourite character is Tom, because he’s always cheerful, and tries to see the bright side of things. Below the Mountains is set in the Great Depression, and I learnt so much about how desperate a time it really was. I give this book a 10 out of 10, and I think that children aged from 9 to 14 will love it.

By Tierney, 12.

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