Talk Like a Pirate Day – Monday 19 September

Want to know the perfect way to annoy your parents or your brother or sister? Celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day today.  You can dress up like a pirate and talk like one all day long.   Here are some fun websites to help you celebrate:

  • Pirate Translator – You can put in a few words, a sentence or even a whole website and this website will translate it all into pirate speak.  Try translating the Kids Blog into pirate speak – it’s totally awesome!
  • Pirate Glossary – learn heaps of pirate words so that you can talk like a pirate all day long.

You can also find heaps of books on pirates in the library:

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    Danika said,

    Hey i Love to read its my favourite thing to do when i get bored…Reading a book is like tv in your head!! ❤ ❤

  2. 2

    henmistr said,

    I’m not really sure how that first comment it related to this post. But anyway today was a crack up! September 19th is kinda officialy one of the awesomest days of the year, or should I say “of the yarr”?. lol that wasnt very funny but I guess pirates are in ships far away from civilisation so they wouldnt really get given many good jokes would they?

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