See ya!

Wow – has it been a month already?

It’s the last day of the month, so it must be – but gosh my time as Star Author has really flown by.

This just a quick post, really, to say thanks for having me here, and for reading whatI’ve had to say about me, my books, and reading and writing in general. Although my time here is finished, if you want to keep up with me, you are welcome to drop in to my brand new website Murphing Around. You can also send me questions or reviews to put up on the site.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my posts. Stay well – and keep reading!


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    bluepatty said,

    Hi Sally.

    I’m one of the winners for the September star author competition and I won two of your books 🙂
    I’ve already read one of your books (IT’S GREAT!!!!!) It’s Pearl verses the world.
    It’s the first story that I’ve read with verses through out the whole book.
    You’re one of the best authors I know. I love the tips on writing (I will definitely use them in the future).


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      Rhiannon said,

      I was the other winner, and I had already read Pearl verses the world, but never Toppling. I can really relate to this book, because there is this boy in my school, and last year, he got diagnosed with leukemia. 😦 He returned this year, and he is in my class, but he is back in hospital again. :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

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      Erin said,

      i agree i have read it at school with you Amy

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    Sally Murphy said,

    Thanks so mcuh for your comments Amy and Rhiannon. I love it when people read my books – but when they read then AND liek them, I’m ecstatic. Thanks so much – and congratulatins on your win.

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