Adventure! Thrills! Danger!

I’m talking about stories that made me, me. From 8 to 12 years old I loved reading adventures. First it was my hero, Tintin. His stories covered everything: sci-fi, supernatural, humour, history, spies; and all in comic strip style with realistic details. Favourite? Tintin in Tibet because we finally get to know Tintin’s feelings.
Next came Willard Price adventures with dangers from erupting volcanoes to killer anacondas.
Then the ultimate journey – a small hero facing all the forces of evil. The Hobbit and The Rings trilogy kindled my imagination more than any other books. Every detail of Middle Earth was real inside my head. It was, as Tolkien said of fantasy, ‘an escape to a heightened reality- a world at once more vivid and intense.’
When I wrote my first novel, Sting, of course I wanted a very small hero (a bee) who faced gigantic odds  (the human army). And there’s a nod to Gollum’s riddles in Wings.

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    zackids said,

    I’m a huge Tintin fan Raymond! Here in the library we’re having Tintin Month for the whole of October. We’re having readings, Tintin cartoon screenings and a colouring competition. On Tuesday 18 October we’re screening your favourite Tintin story, Tintin in Tibet and I’ll be dressing up as Tintin for the day.


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    Erin said,

    cool thx zac

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