My Story POMPEII by Sue Reid

Ok, first off I’m having a My Story craze so my next few blogs will be about My Story books.

 This is the diary of Claudia from 78- 79 AD. Claudia lives a happy life in the Forum with her Mother, Father and her two brothers Marcus and Sextus until the day the ground starts to shake. Claudia is convinced the god, Vulcan, is furious. Vulcan also happens to live in the great volcano near the city, Vesuvius … 

 I loved the way it felt like you were there with Claudia with all the events that she goes through. I also loved how Claudia was so mature and sensible in all her awkward situations. I think it helped make a connection knowing what it feels like going through a natural disaster. But I can’t help thinking boy, what will Mother Nature do next?  Get out this book from your library to read about Claudia’s dramatic escape.

 I would recommend this to anyone ages 9+ because the language is somewhat sophisticated. I absolutely loved it so without a doubt I give My Story POMPEII a 10/10.

By Saoirse, 11

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