Here come the Unicorn Riders

Unicorn Riders is a brand new fantasy series for girls by Aleesah Darlison and Jill Brailsford.  If you’ve read the Rainbow Magic Fairies and want something a little different then these books are for you.

Avamay is a magical yet dangerous kingdom. The Unicorn Riders protect the people with courage and skill. They ride as one. 

There are four Riders and each is assigned to care for a unicorn that is as unique as they are. The Riders are: Willow (Head Rider), Quinn, Krystal and Ellabeth and they each have a different symbol which represents different things, like loyalty, perfection and wisdom.  The unicorns are: Obecky, Ula, Estrella and Fayza and they have different coloured horns which give them different gifts.

The first four books, Quinn’s Riddles, Willow’s Challenge, Krystal’s Choice, and Ellabeth’s Test are available at the library now.  Next week on the blog, we’ll be giving away a set of the first four books.

Find out about the four unicorns and their riders.

Read a sample of the first Unicorn Riders book, Quinn’s Riddles.

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