Warriors: Into the Wild (Book 1) by Erin Hunter

This is the world-famous in Queenspark School series called Warriors!! This is such an awesome series by cat-lover Erin Hunter, and this is my summary of the first book, Into the Wild.

This story is about an ordinary but adventurous housecat – kittypet in Warrior-speak – called Rusty, who meets Graypaw – a Warrior apprentice – while out exploring in the forest. Graypaw is being followed by his mentor, Lionheart and the ThunderClan leader Bluestar. The she-cat invites Rusty to become a ThunderClan warrior, he accepts, and becomes Firepaw, because of the way the sunlight almost sets his fur on on fire. But a mysterious force is on the loose in the forest. What will the Clans do to stop it?

Very, very alluring eh? Well, in my words this book is O FOR ORSOME!. Firepaw is a mysterious, mischievous, adventurous and interesting kittypet that I have enjoyed following throughout the series. He has no urge to stay with his twolegs (housefolk), and wants to explore an interesting forest just outside the twolegplace (suburb).

I give this series a complete 100000000/10 stars, because it is my favourite series, and everyone else that I have recommended this to has loved it too! This series is intriguing, and you just can’t wait to pick up the next one because they are so good.

 The series order is: #1 Into the Wild, #2 Fire and Ice, #3 Forest of Secrets, #4 Rising Storm, #5 A Dangerous Path, and #6 The Darkest Hour. Once you have finished this series, there is another called The New Prophecy, which follows the enormous adventures of his latest apprentice, Brambleclaw, and his two daughters, Squirrelpaw and Leafpaw-the medicine cat apprentice.

Happy days,

Sam from the Queenspark School Noses in Books Group.

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