War Horse movie – what do you think?

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    Valerie said,

    I’m looking forward to seeing the film.I have never met a war horse, but my Great Uncle “Boy” Hammond did. He was raised on a farm which relied heavily on horse power. When he was a teenager, he won a scholarship to a boys school in Melbourne. He then went to Melbourne University. He graduated in uniform in 1915 and set sail in mid November. He kept a diary and it makes for interesting reading. While at sea, he often slept in the horse stalls. He was in the artillery and his trip with the horses from Melbourne to Flanders Fields was long. They sailed from Melbourne to Freemantle. Then across to Africa, through the Suez Canal and on to Cairo. From there they sailed to Marseilles.The soldiers and horses tavelled through France by train. When he got there, things were bad for humans and horses. It was hard dragging the guns through the mud. The mud stuck to the horses and rotted the leather on the harness and rusted and tarnished the buckles. `
    Sadly Boy and thousands of young men like him are buried at St.Omer

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    gunsemma said,

    I like horses and I Think that this is very good film.

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    Anonymous said,

    i watched war horse for the first time on 7/7/12 and loved the film i think is is an insperation and that is a true inside to a film of loyalty, trust and love i highly recommend this movie because its truly fantasic.

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    Anonymous said,

    love this film xx

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