Greetings From The UK!

Hi everyone. I’m Philip Caveney and I’ll be your Star Author for February. I’m starting on this blogging malarky at a very interesting time in my writing career. I’ve just returned from three days touring around the schools and libraries of London promoting Night On Terror Island, the first book in my Movie Maniacs series. The book tells the story of a very special little cinema – The Paramount Picture Palace, where the new projectionist Mr Lazarus can put you in the movies… quite literally! But watch out! When you are ‘in’ a movie, everything is real… and if you don’t get out before the closing credits roll, you’ll never be able to leave. My publishers, Andersen Press, have created an exciting cinema-style trailer for the book, which you can view right here!

I’d love to hear what you think about it… so please let me know! And stay tuned for more posts from the cold and rainy UK. If you’d like to know a bit more about me and my books, visit my website at

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    Lisa said,

    Wow what a great trailer! I loved the scare at the end. What a cool idea for a series!

  2. 2

    starauthor said,

    Hi Lisa. Glad you liked the trailer… here’s hoping you like the book just as much. There are going to be two further adventures. In the second book, they go into a James Bond-style spy movie and in the third, they go into outer space!


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