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The publishing world is going through one of the biggest changes in its history – in many areas, ink on paper is being replaced by text on screens. Some people are resistant to the idea, others embrace it. I have decided to follow the latter path. All of my children’s books are already available for the kindle and just recently, I decided to release a book exclusively for this exciting new format. Which means you’ll only find it at the kindle store. It’s called The Talent and I think of it very much as a crossover book, one that can be read by children and adults alike. Set in a rather gloomy future UK, it tells the story of Josh and Holly, two would-be pop stars, who decide that their only hope for a brighter future is to enter… and hopefully win, The Talent, a nationwide, government-sponsored show that offers fame and fortune to the lucky winner. But they soon discover that in this corrupt world, even The Talent doesn’t offer the level playing field they had hoped for…       Of course, it’s debatable how many younger readers actually own a kindle and I’m well aware that many people hate the idea of reading a book in this way. So I was wondering, what do you think about the subject? How many of you have already begun to read your books in this way? And how many would prefer to hang on to your paper books until the bitter end? Why not drop me a line and let me know what you think on the subject? I promise to answer every comment.

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    Hi Philip,
    I own a kindle at the moment and love it. Of course, with the books I love, I will buy in an actual copy (preferably hardcover). I’ll see if I can find your “Talent”, get a taste for your writing

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    Anonymous said,

    Hi thanks, Josiah. I appreciate it!

    Philip Caveney

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    aisling said,

    what happens if you don’t have a kindle, but you still want to read the new book?

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    starauthor said,

    Thanks, Zac, for clearing that up!


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