Time Nearly Up!

I can’t believe that’s a whole month gone, already! I think just got time to squeeze in one last post…

March 1st  is World Book Day and like many other authors here in the UK, I’ll be spending my time trundling around  libraries in Manchester, telling people all about my latest book, Night On Terror Island. Looking forward a little, I see quite a few more school visits lined up for March, several book festivals through the spring and summer and on May 10th, I’ll be launching the sequel to NOTI, Spy Another Day, at the Plaza cinema in Stockport, where we’re expecting over 500 excited kids to attend. (I’m giving you a sneak preview of the cover art!) The Plaza is the perfect venue for the Movie Maniacs adventures. It’s an old 40’s cinema that’s been beautifully refurbished and we’re able to put the latest book trailer up on the big screen, it looks amazing! Looking way, way forward to September, I’ll be releasing the fourth and final Sebastian Darke adventure – Prince Of Fools. I’ve got mixed feelings about finally saying goodbye to Sebastian. he’s the guy who got me into this children’s publishing lark in the first place! Anyway, I guess that’s me about wrapped up. Thanks for letting me be your guest blogger for February. When you’re enjoying the New Zealand sunshine, think of me shivering away here in the cold, wet UK… and whatever you do, keep reading!

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    I’m reading NOTI now!

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    Tierney Reardon said,

    Thank you very much, Phillip.

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