March Star Author Competition

Our March Star Author, David Gatward has been telling us about his book, The Dead.  It’s the first in a series of 3 seriously creepy books and this week we a set of David’s books to give away.  Please note: the books are aimed at age 12+ so they are not ideal for younger readers.

To get in the draw to win all you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling us ‘What is your scariest moment?’ Leave a comment with your answer, your name and email address (so that we can contact you if you win).

Thanks to everyone who entered the March Star Author Competition.  The winner of the David Gatward book pack is:  Connor.  Please check your email to find out how to claim your prize.

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  1. 1

    Connor said,

    mine would be when the sep earthquake happened and my dad fainted in the dark leaving me alone to figure it all out

  2. 2

    reardonhs said,

    Mine was when the September quake happened, too. My mum and sister saw these flashing lights in the sky called the “earthquake lights”, and at that point it kind of seemed like the world was ending. Yikes! Did anyone else see any “earthquake lights,” by the way???

  3. 3

    JOSH N said,

    When i was 5 and I fell down the huge slide at ScienceAlive and my tooth allmost fell out.

  4. 4

    jayden sutton said,

    hi im jayden in 2011 i ran in to a waratar and got a huge scar now a waratar is a steal pole that is very storng it sticks out of the ground an we hit it in about 1/2 meter and it was out the ground about knee height now i am scared for life i woul realy like this book and i did see the quake lights it was scary

  5. 5

    Kayleigh Eade said,

    We were in Takaka up in Nelson i was on a tour under ground in Takaka hill caves when a rock fell down and gave me a fright i thought the cave was going to fall down!

  6. 6

    Paige Phillips said,

    I put my hand in a cage full of tarantulas it was scary

  7. 7

    Florence Carrier said,

    My scariest moment would have to be the christchurch earthquakes.And now its even scary when a truckcomes past …

  8. 8

    Rebecca said,

    when i was about 4 and me and my mum were at eastgate because mum was doing her weekly shop and we were going up the escorlater and the trolley turned around and my mum nearly died

  9. 9

    jayden sutton said,

    hi my other one was when the feb 22nd i was at queenspark school and i was behind our old hall it is about to fall down

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