Where do YOU write?

I’ve been writing, writing, writing, for years and years and years. And in all that time, I’ve written in all kinds of places. I once wrote a whole novel (70,000 words!) on the train to and from work over a period of about five weeks. I was surrounded by commuters, squashed into a little seat, yet somehow I managed (and got lots of very odd looks!) I’ve written in airport lounges, cafes, front rooms, dining rooms, libraries, under trees, in churches…

The thing I’m wondering is, does where you write affect what you write? I think it’s a bit of both. As writers, and as people, we’re affected utterly by our surroundings. After all, much of where I get my ideas from lies in all that I see/do/hear/smell/read/watch/experience (etc). When I look back at all those different places I’ve scribbled in, each one has only really been possible because I’ve managed to shut myself away, often with music and headphones.

I’m currently looking at getting myself a writing shed. This is very exciting, even though it doesn’t sound it! Imagine though, a place all to yourself to just go and sit and think and write and invent crazy new worlds and ideas and monsters and heroes and heroines and adventures. How ace is that?

So where do you go to get creative or to read or think or write or just “be”? And if you haven’t got anywhere, is there some way that you can change that?

I’ll keep you posted on the shed…


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    I go to a writing class, I have written in the car. I have even written in my sleep!

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      starauthor said,

      writing classes are great – you can learn stacks just from hanging with other writers. Cool. writing in a car, on a train, in a park, wherever you can is a great thing to be able to do. In your sleep? Woohoo! That’s insane! Love it!

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    Tierney Reardon said,

    Hi Dave,

    I find that where you write does affect what, how, and why you write. When I’m surrounded by noisy kids, I either hardly write at all because I’m distracted, or write about really quiet places. When I’m alone or in a quiet place, such as my desk, I write much more, and come up with my best ideas. It’s also impossible to write in front of the television, I think!
    I think that a writers shed is an awesome idea. Roald Dahl had a writers shed. In there, he had a comfy armchair, a heater, and a wire connected to a light that ran back to the house, so his wife could signal him! He had some really weird things on his desk, like a chocolate bar wrapper ball, a model plane, a solar-powered music box, and a jar of gristle which was cut from his spine in an operation (yuck!). I’m not sure if my parents would let me put a shed in the middle of the vegetable garden, but I do put things on my desk that I like, like a radio, some decorative ornaments, and a good book (even though it can be very distracting if I’m trying to write!).
    That’s so cool that you wrote a whole novel on a train that quickly. It must have been very distracting, having people chatting all around you! I have written a novel in a month before, but I was alone in my room, and it was only 36,000 words!
    Did you really see two ghosts? What did they look like? What did they do? I’d love to see a ghost. It would be so inspiring.

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      starauthor said,

      Well, I can’t write surrounded by noisy kids! on the train, I had headphones on and listened to jazz to drown everyone out. Writing in front of a TV is impossible! And most of the music I listen to when writing doesn’t really have lyrics (go to http://www.somafm.com and listen to the channel “Doomed” – this is what I listen to, and it’s a bit dark and weird!) A writer’s shed is indeed awesome. had the bloke around to day to check where I want it. Fingers crossed… Surrounding yourself in stuff that’s “you” is vital, but I think it’s also good to train yourself to work wherever you can. Yep, two ghosts. First was on a sunny summer’s day and a bloke in a black suit wearing a black hat appeared under a tree, staring at me as I mowed a lawn! The second was in a caravan I was living in (crazy, rockstar life… ahem…) and was a woman with a blue dress on, which was pulled in really tight at the waist, and her hair was up, too. WEIRD! Good luck with the writing Tierney! And keep an eye on my website (www.davidgatward.com) for info about me and also Doom Rider! WOOHOO!

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        reardonhs said,


        Those ghosts sound awesome! Do you think that a dead person can only become a ghost if they want something? I wonder what the stories behind the man in the suit and the woman in the dress were. It sounds like a story. Maybe they’re linked. Maybe they were in an accident, or they were murdered by the same person….
        I’ll definitely keep up the writing. I am going to heaps of writing classes and am churning out piles of stories. A few are pretty good.
        I hope you get your awesome shed!

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