Living the dream!

So, here’s the thing: I decided I wanted to be a writer, like a proper full-on all-the-time story-type person, when I was 11. Weird. What’s weirder though is that I’m now actually doing it. The dream I had as to what I might do with my life is actually coming kind of true. It messes with your mind, that kind of stuff!

So, here’s the thing, right; if I can do it, think what you can do! It’s easy to dismiss the daft/insane/crazy/bonkers ideas we have, but often, these are the truest bits of ourselves yelling out to be noticed.

Someone once told me I was foolish to keep trying for this crazy writer-dream thing I had. Think how I’d feel if it never happened or if it went wrong or…

Exactly: OR. Because think what would happen if it all actually went right!

I’ve a book coming out (Doom, Rider, remember?) in a few months. The cover is astonishing. I’m utterly thrilled with the story itself (it almost wrote itself). And that simply wouldn’t be happening at all if I’d decided to give up on this whole dream. Yeah, failure is something we all have to deal with, but you know what? We don’t fail all the time, do we? No. We actually win through, as well.

Part of getting anywhere, of achieving anything, is taking a risk. But that’s half the reward. You risk losing or failing or whatever, but the flip side is that unbelievable feeling when everything goes right.

Take a risk. Try it. You might get to like it. After all, look what happened to me, right?

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