Hello, Christchurch Kids!

I’m very excited to be your Star Author for the month. (Well, who wouldn’t be? Doesn’t everyone want to be a star from time to time? And yes, I did get to be a star on a Hollywood Red Carpet once with my friend Nim, though I’ll tell you more about that later . For now, here’s the Red Carpet video of what a true Hollywood star and I think about reading: Wendy Orr and Jodie Foster MS Readathon CSA

Although I’ve never been to New Zealand, I have a dog-walking friend who’s from Christchurch, and every time we walk the dogs together I learn a bit more about it, and especially on how her family and friends are coping after the earthquake. I think that’s why I feel so proud and excited to be on your blog, and it’s making me even more determined to get across there one day!

Books,  reading and writing have always been a huge part of my life.

You know when people ask you where you read, or when you read? Anywhere and all the time, is my answer. At breakfast, when I’m brushing my teeth, when I’m waiting somewhere…  Sometimes upside down is the best way to read.

By the way, what’s the craziest place you’ve ever read a book?

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    the awasomi chelsalsa [no corn chips included!!!] said,

    have you seen that add where hairys owner makes a little blue and yellow sweater!

    OMG it’s so CUTE


    • 2

      starauthor said,

      I haven’t seen it, but it does sound cute. It sounds like the book No Roses for Harry. (Which I love.)

  2. 3

    starauthor said,

    Oh, dear! This is a very big OOPS! It’s still March 30, and the talented and ( I hope) very forgiving David Gatward is your Star Author. I need to stop being so impatient and wait till April.

  3. 4

    Tierney Reardon said,

    The craziest place I have ever read a book is in a tree!

  4. 5

    starauthor said,

    In a tree! That sounds wonderful – as long as you didn’t get so excited that you fell out!

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