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Hi there poeple – it’s very exciting to be here and chatting (well, kind of!) to you all. I’m fired up and ready to… to…well, to blog! I’ll hopefully be coming to New Zealand in June and am really keen to get to a rugby game. I think you guys have one of the most powerful teams on the planet in the All Blacks – I hide behind the couch when they’re doing the haka! That is one fearsome chant. One time I turned the sound down on the TV and put on a song that went something like… ‘Here we go gathering nuts in May, nuts in May, nuts in May, here we go gathering nuts in May, on a cold and fro – o – sty morning…’ But then I hid behind the couch again because I thought someone from New Zealand might have heard my silly song and got cross! ANYWAY…. I do love sport – Aussie Rules and cricket are probably my favourite two. Do you get to watch Aussie Rules in New Zealand? If you’re not sure who to barrack for and want a bit of a tip on an awesome team, then look no further than the MIGHT CATS! They are THE ALLBLACKS of the AFL – except our jumpers are blue and white hoops. I live in Geelong and have barracked for the Cats all my life. We’ve been in 4 of the last 5 grand finals and won 3 of them so I’m a very happy puppy at the moment. We’re not going so well this year. We’re just inside the top 8! My first 20 odd books are sporty. I’ll tell you about some of them in my next blog. Hope to hear from you… AND you… super soon! Byeeee, Michael

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    Tierney Reardon said,

    Hi Michael!

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