Meet our June Star Author Susan Brocker

Our fantastic June Star Author is New Zealand author, Susan Brocker.  Susan has written a wide range of books for children and teenagers.  Some of them are non-fiction about topics like wildlife conservation and natural science.  Her favourite books are stories she’s written about her favourite things, such as horses, dogs and animals of all sorts.  She loves bringing history alive and making it exciting.

We have lots of Susan’s books in the library, including Restless Spirit, Brave Bess and the Anzac Horses, A Wolf in the Wardrobe, and her latest thrilling historical story, The Drover’s Quest.

Thanks for joining us Susan.  We look forward to hearing all about your books and your writing.

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    Sandy Nelson said,

    Hi Susan and Zac and all blog readers,
    My name is Sandy Nelson. I am a teacher and a Mum of 3 boys and I wrote one book too (The Ghosts of Iron Bottom Sound). I want to say that I love your books Susan, and I know lots of kids who love them too. I think you are one of New Zealand’s best writers for children. Yesterday I bought ‘The Drover’s Quest’ and I am looking forward to reading it.
    Have fun being Star Author! I have really enjoyed meeting you at writer’s meetings Susan.

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      starauthor said,

      Hi Sandy, Thank you for your kind comments and it’s wonderful to hear lots of kids are enjoying my stories. I have lots of fun writing them and I look forward to blogging as Star Author!

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    Anonymous said,

    You are welcome Susan!

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    Hi, I am reading your book Dreams of Warriors, it is really good so far, I never read a story about the war in New Zealand before… all the war stories I have read are set in england or somewhere like that (like goodnight mr tom). I’ve got to the bit where there’s a horse race and Gipsy is winning but then….something bad happens 😦 but I think Gipsy will win the next race! it made me scared when they had an earthquake becuase we had one (well actually lots!) too, but it would be more scary to be bombed I think.

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      starauthor said,

      Hi, I’m pleased you’re enjoying Dreams of Warriors. World War Two was a difficult time for NZ as so many men went overseas to fight, leaving their families to cope running farms or working. And I agree, it would be very scary to be bombed, though luckily that never happened here. I’m sorry if the earthquake scene scared you. I can understand it must be very scary after having gone through one yourself.

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