Calling all cat lovers

This will be my last post as Star Author for the month. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself! For my final blog, I thought I’d chat a little about my next book and see what you think. I’ve just started writing it, and like many of my books it was inspired by my pets – namely, two little kittens named Lil and Luci (pic below).

 Luci is an SPCA rescue cat and Lili is a purebred Burmilla. They adore each other and spend most of their time playing together and getting into mischief. Watching them one day, I thought about a story based around cats. It’s a modern-day adventure about a girl who finds a stray cat ‑ a knotted and bedraggled longhaired cat. She’s not allowed to keep her, so she works up the courage to take the stray to an “odd” woman who lives in her neighbourhood. She’s an eccentric lady, lives in a house surrounded by hordes of rescue cats. The kids in the neighbourhood are scared of her, imagining she’s a witch, of course! Some weird things happen, but I won’t give away too much away and the story may change as I write anyway. Sometimes the characters take over!

 Thanks for taking the time to read my posts. If you’d like to meet some of my animal friends and read more about my books don’t forget to visit my website or pop into my Facebook author page.


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    Tierney Reardon said,

    What cute cats!

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