Skulduggery Pleasant’s Biggest Fan Competition

Are you Skulduggery Pleasant’s biggest fan?  Would you like the chance to interview Skulduggery’s creator, Derek Landy, when he comes to Christchurch next month?  If you answered yes to both of these questions we’ve got an amazing competition for you.

Derek Landy is coming to Christchurch on Friday 10 August, from 4pm at The Children’s Bookshop on Blenheim Road.  One lucky winner will get the chance to meet Derek and ask him your burning questions about Skulduggery Pleasant and his mates.  If that wasn’t awesome enough, they’ll also win a full set of the Skulduggery Pleasant books.  We’ll also choose a runner-up who will get a full set of the books.

Thanks to everyone who entered the competition.  There were some great entries and it’s clear that you were all HUGE Skulduggery fans. 

The overall winner is Romy, who gets the chance to interview Derek Landy in Christchurch and gets a full set of Skulduggery books.  The runner up is Tierney, who gets a full set of Skulduggery books and can hopefully get them signed by Derek at the event.

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    Tierney Reardon said,


    I was so so excited to read about this competition, as it seemed that it was made for people exactly like me! Well…not exactly like me. I’m a much BIGGER fan of Skulduggery, you see!!!
    I have read the Faceless Ones trilogy, the Necromancer trilogy (all six books!) and have put a hold on The Kingdom of the Wicked. I am eagerly waiting to read it!
    My favourite characters are Tanith Low (and come ON Mr. Landy, bring her back to the good side, will you????), Skulduggery Pleasant (naturally), and Ghastly Bespoke (he’s awesome!). In my opinion, the best book so far is Mortal Coil, because Valkyrie tries to change her destiny when she learns that she is Darquesse. It’s nail-biting writing….!
    Skulduggery is the funniest character (dead or alive) that I have read of. He always seems so serious or sarcastic or trying not to laugh as he makes these hilarious jokes and wisecracks.
    It would be a crime if this series was not made into movies. Harry Potter has, the Hunger Games has, even Twilight has. If a silly, soppy series about vampires, werewolves and complex love triangles can be made into a very popular movie, then imagine what Skulduggery Pleasant: The Movie would be like!!
    To be able to interview Derek Landy, THE Derek Landy, (I mean, DEREK LANDY! IN PERSON!) would be one of the most amazing, exciting, inspiring experience I will have ever, well, experienced. I would spend weeks thinking up good questions, the things I have always dreamed of asking a real author. I am a writer myself, and it would be a great oppurtunity for me to be able to interview a successful writer.
    Still not convinced I am Skuldugggery’s biggest fan? Well, my sister also reads Skulduggery Pleasant (she is a big fan too, but not quite as enormous a fan as I am), and she also loves Lego. It was my idea to combine the two. Together, we built a “Skulduggerhouse”, with bedrooms, secret passages, a Bentley, and characters to match. Skulduggery is a Lego suit with a skeleton head, the trademark hat, and black gloves. He lives in the “Skulduggerhouse” along with Tanith, Ghastly, Scapegrace, Lord Vile, China, a zombie (who we imaginatively call “Zombie”), and Valkyrie. We sometimes make Scapegrace, Lord Vile and Zombie take over the “Skulduggerhosue” and trap everyone in Lego boxes. Who’s going to save the day? Only a certain Lego skeleton…
    So, there you have it. I am the biggest, most dedicated Skulduggery fan in the country, the hemisphere, the world, the Milky Way, even the universe. My sister possibly is the second biggest fan. I also read Derek Landy’s blog, “Derek Landy Blogs Under Duress.” It is a very funny blog about Derek’s life as a writer. He recently put on a picture of the seventh book cover, and has put a short story on there, too. If you are a fan of Skulduggery (perhaps nearly as big a fan as me), then you will adore Derek’s blog.
    That’s about it, then!
    Please consider my entry,

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      zackids said,

      Wow! You are a HUGE Skulduggery Pleasant fan Tierney! I would start thinking of some questions to ask Derek just in case you win.

      I’d love to see your Skulduggerhouse and the characters you’ve made!

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    I believe I am skulduggerys biggest fan because I have made iMovie Trailers for each of the books.

    I have read all of the books at least thrice except for the latest book.

    I try to convince all of my friends to read the books, and I have entered all the Skulduggery Competitions on the Christchurch Kids blog.

    My favourite character is Ghastly Bespoke (I mean, who doesn’t think he’s awesome!)

    I have reviewed the series on Blogger and YouTube so I hope I have a chance at getting the runners up prize.

    Good luck to Tierney and all other entries

    Believe it or not, despite me being (naturally) the biggest fan of Skulduggery I don’t own any of the books!

    Derek Landy is my favourite Young Adult author and I would love the chance to be able to meet him…

  3. 5

    I wish I won the books! I LOVE this author!
    visit our blog ! expecting you…!

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    Elizabeth said,

    I LOVE Derek Landy’s books they are funny,cool and I just CAN’T put them down 📖

    I do’nt have a favorite charcter but I like all the parts with Ghastly be able to meet Derek Landy would be the best, when I was reading the description I got really exited!

    When his books come out I just NAG and NAG my parents to let me get the book, when I am boerd I read his books over and over I don’t seem to get tierd of them!

    I watch his blog go on the website I re read his books and and I enter as many of his competitions as possible what else do I need to be his BIGGEST fan?

    PLEASE consider my entry,

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    Tierney Reardon said,


    I would just like to add that I would publish the interview on the blog if I won. Good luck Josh and Libby!

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    Romy said,

    Derek Landy.
    The man who started it ALL.
    The spectacular and flabbergasting books, an inspiration to write and my obsession.
    Skulduggery Pleasant is the best book in the world, you could hear that from anyone and they could mean it, but I mean it with my Skulduggery obsessed soul.
    I believe that I am THE biggest fan, I’ve read the books over, and over and over, all including The End of the World (short story) and I have read the first chapter of Kingdom of the Wicked many times. (It was wicked!)
    And, well I can truly say it is inspirational writing.
    It got me to start reading enthusiastically. (Almost nonstop.)
    It inspired me to write.
    And inspired me to imagine things, even if it’s imagining that stairs are somehow magical even if they aren’t really.
    I thought that it would be unfair to be greedy and keep all the magic inside my mind, I began to feel sorry for everyone who hadn’t read Skulduggery Pleasant and guess what, I managed to get almost my whole class to read it, they all loved it!
    Also, my friends and I play a game called Four Square at school and we rank the positions by the SP characters.
    Any slight mention of anything at all relevant to Skulduggery and I jump up and ask if anyone has seen a skeleton in a pinstriped suit and fedora, nobody.
    It saddens me the mot when somebody tells me that it’s fictional, I’m dreaming and it’s all silly, I can ensure them and anybody else THEY ARE WRONG.
    Oh how I wish I could go on but I’m probably boring you with yet another entry, but hopefully you’ll see this not as another boring entry, but somebody who really cares and doesn’t want this for their own self, but to share the knowledge I gather from Derek to my friends, family, school and the random lady frightened by a stranger (me) coming up and telling them the beautiful knowledge of Derek’s amazing and imaginative mind.
    I don’t know where this will lead me, possibly becoming an author (which is what I’ve dreamt of), so, I leave you with this.
    Doors are for people with no imagination.

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      grace waterson said,

      hmm that’s strange! you have always told me that you want to be a defence lawyer or harry potter’s optomitrist! lol

      • 10

        Tierney Reardon said,

        Harry Potter’s optometrist? That would be the coolest occupation EVER!

      • 11

        Anonymous said,

        Hey! Guys! If there was an Harry Potter optomitrist I’d eat my laptop (I know it sones weird)

  7. 12

    Georgia Peterson said,

    omg i would LOVE to meet him he is my all time biggest idol i love him soo much and all of his stories too i would absolutly LOVE to meet him it would be my dream come true to meet him that would be amazing i also LOVE skulduggery pleasent my most favourite books ever i would love to meet him to talk to him to try to understand they way he thinks how he is soo amazing to make a book as amazing as skulduggery pleasent he is my writing and reading god i cant do as much as the other people but that dose not lesson my love for him as a writer and his books please consider me please.

  8. 13

    Georgia Peterson said,

    and i have manged to get 3 other people obessed with skulduggery and his partener valkyrie and i am bascially what skulddugery said to valkyrie i am a little pup who will smile at him with adoratian in my eyes

  9. 14

    Fiona said,

    I LOVE skulduggeru Pleasnt it is one of my favourite books in the world and it would be so awesome to meet Derek Landy. I already have heaps of questions I want to ask him including why he had to turn Tanith EVIL!!!!!! WHY??????? He is among my most favourite authors and I check his blog and the skulduggery website almost every day. I love skulduggery’s sarcasm and sense of humor and he really makes the book great. I also love how Derek adds so many twists and turns in his books and takes you completely by surprise. I’ve done book reviews on Skulduggery Pleasnt and I’ve recommended it to at least 1 million people and it turns out those people have loved it almost as much as me! I cant wait untill the kingdom of the wicked book comes out and I am litterally counting down the days hours minutes and seconds on my watch! I really look up to Derekl Landy and it would be such a great experience for me to meet him especially because I love writting and have so many questions to ask him!
    I hope I win but if not someone PLEASE tell me why he turned Tanith evil.
    Thanks 🙂

  10. 16

    zackids said,

    Wow! You guys are serious Skulduggery Pleasant fans! It’s going to be REALLY hard to choose a winner and runner up. Only one week to go 🙂

  11. 17

    Grace Waterson said,

    derek landy,
    the greatest man alive,
    the one who wrote…
    Grace waterson,
    they most hyper-active girl alive,
    the one who is obsessed with…

    Hi in grace! i am the one that you are looking for. i am the BIGGEST fan alive! yeah, sure, i don’t have all the books in the series… in fact, i have none… that’s why i NEED/MUST win this! trust me, i am THE biggest fan in NZ! at school my group of friends are playing sp. of course, i am skullduggery! i mean, im the perfect person for this! so please, contact me to let me know that i won on these thingys…

    NO! dont stop reading! im not finished just yet…
    romy is my evil nemises in this at the moment. she goes to my school. yes the 4 square story is true! i am usually sp. (that being square 4) manely because i am awseome at 4 square but she already has most of/all of the books! same with a girl called fiona. this is an S.O.S emergancy! i will be back to tell you more soon…
    PS: my name is grace waterson and i AM THE ONE that you are looking for!

  12. 19

    Anonymous said,

    PS: this is grace waterson here… again… you can’t let georgia win! she is my bffl and we are in MASSIVE comp atm! ok… that’s all i came to say soo… bye!

    for now…

  13. 20

    Georgia Peterson said,

    i also would like to say i am the BIGGEST FAN EVER no matter what grace fiona and romy say im the one that got grace into the books and THIS WOULD MEAN THE WORLD TO ME PLEACE CONSIDER ME please

  14. 22

    Anonymous said,

    hi its me grace waterson here AGAIN!!!!! Georgia is not what you think she is! she is not skullduggery’s biggest fan! i am! she… umm… supports the faceless ones! yeah…! but i dont! GO SP AND ME!!!!!!!!!

    Bye again!

    …for now

  15. 23

    grace waterson said,

    hi its me again1 dont believe anything that romy, grace or georgia posts!

    ok bye for now!

  16. 24

    Georgia Peterson said,

    I DO NOT SUPPORT THE FACE LESS ONES THE ELDERS RULE and grace and i are are fighting because we are trying to see who loves them more (me it was always me)+

  17. 25

    grace waterson said,

    not grace! fiona!

  18. 26

    Romy said,

    *Ahem!* I believe whoever wins we should be surpportive and envy them with jealousy but be accepting.
    So, I would REALLY love to win and Derek is my inspiration and rolemodel.
    Please consider myself and my friends 🙂

  19. 27

    meggymoomoo:) said,

    omg you guys does it really matter and btw you guys are really compedtive

    • 28

      Romy said,

      I know Meg, it’s just that this could change my life forever!
      If I gather knowledge from Derek Landy, tyhe man himself I can decide whether I want to be an author and I can use his advice for the future.
      This means so much to me.

  20. 29

    meggymoomoo:) said,

    You are all friends it reakky don’t matter

  21. 30

    meggymoomoo:) said,

    oooooo i see srry

  22. 31

    grace waterson said,

    hi! hello! its me again! i am the biggest most hugest sp fan eva!

  23. 32

    grace waterson said,

    any way i will tell you what i love most about sp… get ready to read… for ages!…

    ok so my favourite sp book is book 6, death bringer.
    my favourite page of that book is 93, where skulduggery offends the American tourists and his ugly kid who apparently looks like he has 2 half-finished faces pushed together.
    skulduggery pleasant made me believe in:
    living skeletons that can walk, talk, hurl flames, fire guns and can also act as a great host!
    were wolves, fish, cats, and weredogs (but dont worry! im not as stupid as valkarie in believing that there are octopus-men!
    and… pretty much anything!…but no, im sorry,im not gallable…

    for one whole week i had to go without the next book that i was about to read! that ment for one whole week i couldnt sleep, keep still and i couldnt help myself from re-re-re-re-reading the 4th book. i was literally a human hot-wire. about to trigger a BIG, BIG bomb. when the books were back in my controll, i couldnt stop reading! if i did, all my thoughts would be based on sp! i even dreamed about some of the scenes in the previous books!

    but if there is anyone who deserves this prize, it would have to be romy! im not only saying this because she spazed out on me earlier today but because she truly does deserve this prize! if she didnt force georgia and fiona to read the series, then georgia couldnt of forced me to read the series and i couldnt of forced hannah to read the series and we would truley be a very sad bunch of friends…
    So. you happy romy? i dedicated a whole paragraph and alot of my precious time to YOU.
    …you better be happy…

    carying on… derek landy and the sp series are my official idols! i have sooo many questions to ask derek about skulduggery pleasant and his friends and this will be a life-changing experience for me! (i also really want his books!) so please,choose me! (if not please choose romy. she deserves it as well as me)

    ok. bye!

    …for now…

  24. 33

    Romy said,

    Aw, thanks Grace. (You deserve it too!)
    SP should be free for anyone who is willing to read it and believe.
    Mind you, the Skulduggery pleasant books didn’t just teach me the art of sarcasm or how gorgeous Fletcher is, it taught me but how incredibly intricate Derek’s mind must be!
    Now, if only I could find a way into his mind of his….

  25. 34

    Georgia Peterson said,

    here is my full entry i love skulduggery pleasent my favourite book is mortal coil i love how everything is just fantastic in the book i love to write but i will never be as good as derek landy i don’t think i am worthy of meeting him and if you dont choose me please choose Romy she is a amazing fan she set me on the books

    BUT i do love skulduggery pleasent more than anything in the book world it is truly amazing as i said my favourite book is mortal coil my favourite part is when they are ALL together in kenspeckles hospital

    Also i love how all of my friends are just as obbessed as me we want to make a club at school but we are not allowed it is a dream come true to meet derek landy

    I mean he is well derek landy he is like the superman of book writing as you can see i am a true fan and i would love to be the one who interveiws him but im not sure i desever it.

    I wish i could wrie forever to try to convince you with my words but i cant because i only want to show you the emotion behind the words i love skulduggery pleasent but you can see that i dont want to bore you with any more words but i am happy if you read this far i love him he is my writing idol he is not only mine but i lot of peoples too.

  26. 36

    meggymoomoo:) said,

    i cant chose who should win but for who every does congrats and dont get tooooo compeditive cause non of you may win

  27. 37

    grace waterson said,

    ok, so im back… AGAIN! i would really love to be the winner of this comp! i really want/need/really, really want and need this! on my phone, i have sooooooooooo many things about skulduggery! from wallpapers to ringtones! but that’s not my point.

    i am the BIGGEST fan of derek landy and skulduggery pleasant (apart from mabe romy… nah…mabe…) and i would be soo excited to meet him! i could only fantisise and imagine what it would be like meeting derek landy! i would probably video the interview, record the interview and, if i’m allowed, put all my friends that are big fans on skype so we can have a big, good hearted, group interview!

    since i started reading the skulduggery pleasant series i have imagined over and over again putting myself in valkaries place! (in my opinion, she is the most luckiest girl alive! my favourite charactors are:
    skulduggery, obviosly,
    tanith low (why the heck did you make her evil, derek landy?!?),
    ghastly (he is probably begging derek to make tanith good again!)
    and last, but certanly not least, valkarie!
    they are all really good charactors but my favourite, of the favourite, would have to be Skulduggery Pleasant. i chose him because he puts a wicked, hillarious, charming twist on EVERYTHING he does!

    but im not only doing this to meet THE DEREK LANDY(!!!). im in a time of need. i have a possibly life-threatning crises on my hands! that is: I DON’T HAVE THE SKULLDUGERY PLEASANT SERIES!!!!!
    thats right! actually, its not right, his biggest fan ever doesn’t have ANY of the books in the series!

    so please, give me a chance to complete my greatest goals, having the whole sp series and meeting THE DEREK LANDY!



    for now…

    • 38

      Sara Dickson said,

      No offense, but everybody has terrible spelling these days. Tragic. Oh, and sorry, but you won’t win because I WILL.

      I will.

  28. 39

    Sara Dickson said,

    Okay, here’s the deal:
    I am totally better than anybody else for this competition. Why?
    I dunno. But I am.
    Actually, it’s because I have read this series countless times and still laugh at the jokes. So much that multiple times I’ll be sitting somewhere and remember something from the books and burst out laughing. I’ll get heaps of weird looks and I can’t explain why I’m laughing because my family hasn’t read the series. Believe me, I’ve tried to take them away from the dark side, I really have. But it’s too late.
    Anyway, I’d take the chance to rub it in their faces EVERY TIME. This is one of those chances. Choose me and you won’t regret it. Even if you do, I’ll just say I was joking when I said this. But you’ll get a laugh out of it, regardless. It’s a win win situation, really.
    So you might as well choose me, the biggest fan ever. Sure, I don’t have a Skulduggerhouse, or a blog or something saying how much I love the series and how cool the author and characters are. Because the reality is, they already know.

    So pick me.

    I dare you.

  29. 41

    Georgia Peterson said,

    Ok so the truth is I don’t think I Desirve this I mean I could tell u I am skulduggery pleasents biggest fan but you have heard that from every one but I can say I do love him and to meet the man behind the book? Well that would be a dream I have read each book um well lots I love them and to interview Derek landy well um that would be my dream of cloud nine I have posted lots before so I think you are getting sick of me so until you choose me I am taking your hat hostage 🙂

  30. 42

    grace waterson said,

    georgia, i don’t think that this webpage even has a hat! but im positivly sure that everyone is sick of me more… so i am taking this imaginery hat off you because i am going to take it hostage! yeah sure, i dont have a Skulduggerhouse thingy or all of his books in my hands but i will still keep saying that i am definatly sp’s BIGGEST fan! 😀

  31. 43

    Georgia Peterson said,

    Well grace one cannot know who is skulduggerys biggest fan ( me ) for there is no unit of measurement we can take to make sure also you cannot take the hat because I have hidden it my demands are simple chose me 🙂

  32. 44

    Romy said,

    Oh my gosh! Too excited for words………………
    ……I just managed to wrap my hands around the most deliciously exciting book ever! THE NEW SP BOOK!
    Yes, of course I’m talking Bout Kingdom of the Wicke, it’s amazing so far!
    But to be I’m not giving ANY spoiler, non, none whatsoever, not one, not two, not three naut, zilch, ZERO.
    But I’ll give you one hint.

    • 45

      zackids said,

      Cool Romy! I got a copy of it yesterday too and started it last night. I’m sure it’s going to be AWESOME!

  33. 46

    grace waterson said,

    exactly!!! i dont have a copy of kingdom of the wicked so that’s why i should win!!!!!!!!!!

    please, please, please, please (!) pick me!!!!!!!!!!

    • 47

      Georgia Peterson said,

      I do have the new book romy pounced on me when she saw it and we had a bit of a wrestle but I’m loving it. It is amazing just like the others of course

  34. 48

    Katie Ryan said,

    Here’s why I am Skulduggerys biggest fan:

    On the 24th of July, I was very excited. I was going to get the new Skulduggery Pleasant book, Kingdom of the Wicked! I had been looking forward to that day for months, and it finally came. I bragged to all my friends about how I was getting the book immediately, and that none of them were as passionate about a series. However, as soon as I stepped outside after school, I had struck an obstacle. It was pouring down with rain. But I thought of my new book, and made the long trip home on my scooter to grab my bike lock and money,then went out on my bike into the rain to go to the mall, several streets away. I locked up my bike, and trudged inside. As I walked through the mall, I felt as if every teenage girls eye was looking at me. There she goes, the sad little twelve year old walking around with no friends. I hastily got out my phone and pretended to be texting. After what seemed like forever, I got to the first book shop. I stared around, searching for the massive banner announcing the amazing seventh Skulduggery book had finally arrived. There was none. I looked in the young adults section, and yes, there were the first six, but where was the seventh? I found the same thing in the childrens section. Very confusing, so I asked the pimply store assistant where it was.
    ” Uh, sorry,um, we’re not stocking that at the moment, I don’t think.”
    Bummer. I walked to the second bookshop, and the same thing happened. What? Who were these people? One more bookshop to go, please let it be there, please, please…it wasn’t. I was devastated. Surely, out of all those salespeople, there was one who understood the amazingness of Skulduggery and Valkyrie, one who knew they must be released to the public as soon as possible. But no.I biked back home, the rain pouring onto my back. The next day, as I came home from school, I walked past my room to use the bathroom, and saw the corner of a book on my bed. I froze. Taking several deep breaths, I walked into my room, and sat on my bed. There it was. Skulduggery Pleasant: The Kingdom of the Wicked. I sat for a bit, just staring at it. Then yelling out my thanks to mum, who had obviously got the book for me, I carefully opened the cover so as not to crease it, and read Derek Landy’s dedication, one of my favourite parts in the books. I then closed the book and stroked the illustrations, marvelling at Tom Percival’s fantastic artwork. Then, without warning, I scooped up the book and hugged it to my chest, inhaling that booky smell. I had it. Finally. That afternoon I went to my old primary school with my Mum to pick up my younger siblings, I talked to my old teacher.

    ” Yes, thanks for lending us your Skulduggery books Katie, our class loves them. ”
    ” That’s great, I actually got the new book that came out yesterday just today.”
    ” Oh! Well, our class has entered the competition to meet Derek Landy.”
    ” I’ve entered that already! (I thought she meant the competition on the official website)”
    ” Oh, I didn’t see your post, we’ll have to have a better look. Or are you anonymous? (At this point I realised she meant a different competition.)”
    ” Umm…yes, I think so?”
    ” I’ll to guess which one you are!)

    Hang on! There was a Skulduggery competition I hadn’t entered yet? I had to do it right away!

    So there you go. Hopefully I win, and if I don’t, I hope it goes to someone who deserves it.

    • 49

      zackids said,

      That’s a great story Katie! It’s great to hear that there are so many Skulduggery Pleasant obsessed fans in Christchurch. My copy of Kingdom of the Wicked is sitting on the table in front of me telling me to read it.

      • 50

        Katie Ryan said,

        Oh noooooooooooo!!!!!! I AM DEVASTATED. I can’t be here on August the Tenth!!!!! I’ll be in Palmestern North at my cousins wedding!!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!! I can’t even get my books signed, let alone win the competition! *goes into a darks corner and cries*

  35. 51

    Molly Piddington said,

    When I read this page, I went into an ecstatic fit. A chance to rant about my burning obsession, which then gives me the chance to actually MEET the Golden God?!
    Greatest. Prize. Ever.
    So this loyal minion shall now tell you why she is Derek Landy’s biggest stalker! (Fan, I mean fan.)
    I am a serious, long time reader. I acquired the first book when I won a competition at my local library when I was eight, or in 2007. This wasn’t too long after it was first released, so an original fan, right here! I instantly read it, and fell in love with the brilliant characters, plot line, and author. (Who says flattery gets you nowhere!?)
    As for favourite characters, most people choose someone obvious, such as Skulduggery or Valkyrie. I don’t blame them at all, as these characters are amazing. But they are obvious! Boring, even! I am different, eccentric, somewhat strange… My favourite character is possibly the most despised in the series, and I have received a few giggles/smirks/glares at my choice. My favourite character is Doctor Nye. Yes, I like that creepy, sadistic, mentally disturbed murderer. Wouldn’t Derek like to meet a Minion who actually LIKES this thing?
    I enter every single competition that exists and I can enter, but my efforts have been fruitless until recently. This change in luck involved the Ten Times the Awesome competition. I am an avid writer of Skulduggery fanfiction, and this was a chance to prove my worth! I gulped, cracked my fingers, and sat down to type. I typed, and typed, and typed… Then, finally, my finished copy was in front of my. I entered it, prayed to the Ancients that I might have a chance, and then waited. When the results finally emerged, I nervously checked the results, and then screamed. I had won! And what’s more, I was the only winner from NZ! That’s dedication for you! I don’t get to meet him through this, though. So this is my chance!
    I am a writer-hopeful, as you may be able to tell from my victory. To be able to interview Derek would be a dream come true. To be able to ask the Golden God my burning questions would be amazing. I’d love to get some writing tips from him, and see how he makes his books so amazing!
    To release my Skulsession, I have a lot of unofficial Skulduggery stuff. Fanart, skull scarves and bugs, even a t-shirt that says: I Love Skulduggery Pleasant! I wear it everywhere! I’m wearing it to the signing, and I’d love to be able to show Derek! I also closely follow Derek’s blog, and comment on it constantly. After a while of thinking, I have even decided on my taken name. I am Oscuro Dream, the Dark Dream, the Nightmare.
    I received the latest book yesterday, on the day it was released. I was the lonely girl stalking the bookshop, running in and squealing in delight as I saw the magnificent, shiny gold cover on those lovely bookshelves. Grabbing it, I eagerly ran up to the counter, tossed the money onto the counter while bouncing up and down excitedly. The extraordinarily slow moving clerk scanned the book and took my money, nodding at me to take the book. “Thank you so very much!” I managed before sprinting out of the store, rubbing my book in the face of anyone who got too close and blabbing on about how amazing it was as I read it. This means I now have the full series. (What serious fan doesn’t own all the books?!) However, the rest of the books are in a rather… Read condition. Dog ears, crumpled pages, my name written in neon yellow highlighter at the start of every book. I could use a new set, I really could. And none of them are signed, apart from my soon-to-arrive copy of Death Bringer.
    So, I have said everything I need to say. I believe I am worthy of this. I must be! Please, consider my entry! PLEASE!
    Signing off:
    – Molly Piddington (Given Name)
    – Oscuro Dream (Taken Name)
    – Lunaris (True Name)
    – The Minion-Who-Talks-Funny (Derek’s nickname for us)

  36. 52

    Romy said,

    Oh, yes! Finally, a loyal minion who speaks funny that is an original fan!
    I read the first book as soon as it came out, wasn’t sure at first, until I read the first word, the first word, yep, the first word.
    Yes the first word was Gordon, you’re most assumibly thinking, Gordon? How can you judge a book by a name, a first word?
    Well, I had this feeling, I can’t describe it, a most wondrous and awe-inspiring feeling, and very much like the whisperer acquired by my pal, Val from the sensitive, I could hear whispers of encouragement: Go on, read it! It’s good, honestly!
    Oh and boy were they right!
    Although, there’s still one matter at hand, who were they? And what was it? Spooky if you ask me, but kind cool, chills you to the bone, speaking of bones, back to Skulduggery, Detective Inspecter Me, Genius. I must leave, my book is still sitting there, looking very lonely squealing out with wails of: Read me!
    I’m now up to page 79 and it’s GREAT.
    Oh, how I must farewell you, it’s just too lonely, I must go, go and read my obsession.
    Hmm, somebody should make an online Book of Names…..
    Farewell minions.

    • 53

      Molly Piddington said,

      The voices spoke to you too!? *Hugs*

      I’m not crazy! Or we’re both crazy! Oh, and original fans rule! :L Gordon… Such a simple word, yet the beginning of a legend, a legend that shall burn forth though the ages!

      Go forth and read the amazingness that is KOTW! For I shall do the same! Again!

      A online Book of Names would be very useful for my plans of world domination. Wait, that came out wrong.

      (Exclaimation points are useful. It’s also nice to see someone who can spell/use grammar. 🙂 ))

      • 54

        Romy said,

        Heh, true.
        And I loved your entry! I entered too but….*sighs*
        Yes, now up to page 91, oh and I know where you live, Timaru-ion *smirks with a queer cackle*

      • 55

        Molly Piddington said,

        *Pats on back* I feel your pain, it took me a while to win anything.
        And thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it!
        *Shudders* Timavegas indeed… O.o

      • 56

        Romy said,

        No need to worry though! I ain’t no stalker, hmm, that sounds strangly similar to something Billy Ray would say….

      • 57

        Molly Piddington said,

        Billy-Ray is amazing…

        But Nye is the best. *Giggles strangely*

      • 58

        Romy said,

        Heh, good ‘ol Texan fella.
        Hmm, favourite char, most probably…Fletcher, I love his personality!
        And I mean him and I are so alike!
        I’m gorgeous! *laughs while licking ice cream from Australia*

      • 59

        Molly Piddington said,

        … Then I would hate to see your hair. 😉
        *Steals icecream*
        Now, if I was in the SP universe, I’d be the only cheerful Necromancer…

      • 60

        Romy said,

        *Stand there looking offended whilst ice cream is taken*
        I’ll have you know my hair is gorgeous!
        *Strokes hair*
        Now, back to the abyss of reading!

      • 61

        Georgia Peterson said,

        If you are crazy so am I for I am trying to sleep but my book is calling “read me read me Georgia you know you want too,” of course I shall know stay up to midnight reading and my fellow
        Minion and stalker… Er I mean fan… shall we all rejoice in the brilliance that is Derek landy I think we shall also if I might say Nye is a sadistic freak and a cold blooded killer that is also psycio I love him too also *steals ice cream* my ice cream

  37. 62

    Taylor said,

    If I was given the chance to interview Derek Landy I would definitely be really happy to meet such a great writer of such a brilliant series. As a new reader to these books I would love to say I’m now Skulduggery’s biggest fan. My teacher told my reading group that there was a competition on to meet the writer of Skulduggery Pleasant and we all wanted to so we all entered. In the book my favourite part would have to be the dedications at the start because they are always about his family and are so funny. The best piece in the would have to be when the Jitter Girls come out of the box and try to hurt Skulduggery but get stopped by Darquesse.


  38. 63

    Amelia said,

    I consider myself as Skulduggery Pleasant’s biggest enthusiast! Derek Landy writes the BEST books! The books are very detailed and sometimes I feel like the scenes are happening around me! I really like books that are in a series because when you finish the book you want to find out what happens next. The characters have a range of personalities and are very brave. Valkyrie, Ghastly, Tanith and Skulduggery always help each other. My favourite characters are Valkyrie and Skulduggery, they solve murder mysteries together . Derek Landy has lots of creative ideas. I like “Dark Days” because Valkyrie is on an adventure when she tries to get Skulduggery’s skull/head back, then she tries to get Skulduggery to go through the portal with her so that he can go back home. It’s very hard to predict what’s going to happen.The dedications are quite humorous, he jokes about his family. I have so many questions to ask Derek Landy.
    I would be fantastic to meet Derek Landy and win the whole series of the books.

  39. 64

    Taylor said,

    If I was given the chance to interview Derek Landy I would definitely be really happy to meet such a great writer of such a brilliant series. As a new reader to these books I would love to say I’m now Skulduggery’s biggest fan. My teacher told my reading group that there was a competition on to meet the writer of Skulduggery Pleasant and we all wanted to so we all entered. In the book my favourite part would have to be the dedications at the start because they are always about his family and are so funny. The best piece in the book would have to be when the Jitter Girls come out of the box and try to hurt Skulduggery but get stopped by Darquesse.


  40. 65

    Grace said,

    I am Skulduggery Pleasant’s biggest fan!!!!

    I have read the 1st and some of the 2nd book and from what I have read so far I think the books are exciting and very unexpected. My favourite character is Skulduggery Pleasant and his partner Valkyrie Cain because they go on the craziest adventures together. For example in the 1st book when they broke into the museum and had to try get past the vampire security guards. It would be amazing to meet Derek Landy the creator of this magical world and win the whole series so I can read them all and persuade other people to read them. Derek Landy is hilarious and that is shown in the books and in the hysterical dedications. The Skulduggery Pleasant books are really out of the ordinary and like nothing I have read before, with Skulduggery, Valkyrie, Ghastly and Tanith all fighting crime together and they are really successful at it! The four stopped Serpine in the 1st book and in the 2nd book stopped Vengeous. My favourite part of the book was when Skulduggery defeated Serpine in the underground tunnels. If I had the chance to interview Derek Landy I would ask him about his Irish background and how he went from there to become a famous author.
    These books are truly amazing and really interesting. I couldn’t put the first book down until I read and I plan to do the same with the 2nd book!
    I am also so excited to get the last book Kingdom of the wicked!!!

    I am a huge Skulduggery Pleasant admirer!!!!!!!!!!

  41. 66

    Jordan said,


    I am a huge admirer of Skulduggery Pleasant!!!

    I have just started to read the Skulduggery Pleasant books and I have LOVED them. I have nearly finished reading Mortal Coil and I can’t wait to read the others. I love the way the books are filled with twists and thrilling adventures that make you keep reading till you are finished. I also find your dedications hilarious. They add to the humour of the book. Valkyrie Cain is my favourite character. She is brave and fearless and will do anything for Skulduggery Pleasant and her friends. Her fight to change her destiny is truly gripping. I never thought that she could be Darquesse the one that destroys the world. In Mortal Coil my favourite part is when Skulduggery Pleasant, Valkyrie, Fletcher and the others have to get two thousand Remnants out of two thousand bodies with the Receptacle after they have found the key to turn the on.

    It would be amazing to meet Derek Landy and ask him questions about his books and his life. He has an incredible personality and imagination that creates a picture in my mind. I would love to know about his family/background and why he chose to write this style of book.

    I truly am Skulduggery Pleasant’s biggest fan!!!

  42. 67

    Molly said,

    I consider myself to be Skulduggery Pleasant/ Derek Landy’s biggest fan! I love his books and the language he uses in them. He has a great imagination. Derek can also create a picture in my mind which is helpful when reading. I wish it was in real life, which would be amazing and a bit dangerous! My favourite character from the book would have to be Tanith Low; she is adventurous and very brave. I am currently reading the fourth book ‘Dark Days’. It is very eventful and exciting; I just can’t put it down- which means no homework doing! I also love his dedications to his family; they are hilarious [in a nice way]! It would be life-changing to meet the author. I have so many questions to ask him. I will say it one more time… I am the biggest, most humongous lover of Skulduggery, his friends and the book in the universe. Derek Landy inspires people to be creative and definitely inspires me to be a better writer.

  43. 68

    Zoey said,

    I am Skulduggery Pleasant’s biggest follower because I think the books have gruesome and some scary scenes and it can be very easy to get your head stuck in the book. I like Derek Landy’s books because I think they can be humorous at times but the mood changes and can become fierce or become a big scary mystery. Leaving the chapters at cliff-hangers is very entertaining and I want to read more under the covers with my torch and I just can’t wait till I get to the end. I have so many questions to ask like what went through your mind at the time you got the awards for your books? and How did you come up with the ideas for your books ? I am eagerly waiting to read more in my free time now. Right now I am reading The Faceless Ones and can’t wait to read the next book. I love the look of the upcoming book Kingdom of the Wicked. It looks fantastic. My favourite character is Valkyrie because she takes risks to find information and answers. That is why I am Skulduggery Pleasant’s number 1 fan.

  44. 69

    Jack Martin said,

    Hi everyone
    I ab-so-loot-lay love the Skulduggery Pleasant books. I love the adventures of Valkyrie Cain, Tanith Low and Skulduggery himself. My favourite book is playing with Fire. I am truly the biggest fan of Skulduggery pleasant. My whole reading group is reading the books. What I love about Skulduggery Pleasant is how the story is never predictable, all ways a trap around the corner. I also like the dedication. I love how Derek Landy made fun of his family (in a good way). If I won this competition I would read the books all night and jump at small noises.

  45. 70

    Emma said,

    I love the Skulduggery Pleasant books! I have just finished reading Skulduggery Pleasant Playing With Fire and have now started reading the first one, Skulduggery Pleasant. My favourite character is Skulduggery Pleasant because he is so funny when he is being sarcastic! I also like Stephanie Edgley / Valkyrie Cain because she is really brave, unexpected and exciting. Together they make a great crime fighting team. The highlight of the books so far is when the Torment thinks that Skulduggery Pleasant killed Valkyrie but really he killed her reflection because the reflection can’t die. I also love the part when Valkyrie gets kidnapped because she is one of the ingredients Vengeous needs to bring the Grotesquery alive. I love all the dedications at the beginning they are so hilarious and sarcastic just like Skulduggery! All the characters are unique, interesting and exciting in their own way. The Skulduggery books are a series of books that you can’t put down. If I won I would read all the books cover to cover. To meet the person behind the books would be amazing. There are so many questions that I already want to ask! Such as is there any character in particular who you created with a similar personality with you any other freinds and family?

  46. 73

    grace waterson said,

    from georgia peterson’s latest comment/post:
    i totally agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    -steals ice-cream-

  47. 74

    Katie Ryan said,

    Hi, everyone, just want to know will Derek Landy be signing books at the Childrens Bookshop? Even if I don’t win it would be great to meet him and get my books signed.

    • 75

      Molly Piddington said,

      Yep, he will. At four, on the tenth of August.

      See you there! 😀

      • 76

        Katie Ryan said,


      • 77

        Molly Piddington said,


        Anything for a fellow minion!

      • 78

        Katie Ryan said,

        Oh noooooooooooo!!!!!! I AM DEVASTATED. I can’t be here on August the Tenth!!!!! I’ll be in Palmestern North at my cousins wedding!!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!! I can’t even get my books signed, let alone win the competition! *goes into a darks corner and cries*

  48. 79

    zackids said,

    Hi Katie. You can take your books into The Children’s Bookshop sometime before you go away and ask them if they can organise to get them signed for you. I’m sure they won’t mind at all 🙂


    • 80

      Katie Ryan said,

      Thank you! That is a fantastic idea. I will definately do that. You’re such a great help, thanks so much.
      P.S. Mum says thanks too, she hated to see me so sad!

  49. 81

    Romy said,

    Ah yes, I was right, best book ever!
    I have finished Kingdom of the Wicked (2 and a half days ago) and it was pure….genius.
    Man, Derek makes the best plots….I must know his secrets!!!
    A 5 out of 5 for me!

    • 82

      Molly Piddington said,

      I know, I finished it when around the time you did, and it was just AMAZING.

      The last couple of pages… O.O Mind Blown,

      • 83

        Romy said,

        Yes! Did you read the epilogue?! O.O
        I think I almost fell off my chair in surprise!

      • 84

        Molly Piddington said,

        I KNOW! I had always thought it was a theory… But it was SHOCKING! O.O

      • 85

        Romy said,

        *Falls off chair*
        Ah, there we go! Oh and it was kinda sad….I mean my bond kinda grew with… *ahem* no spoilers! *Zips mouth shut*

      • 86

        Molly Piddington said,

        I was actually starting to like –
        *Gets shot in the head by the spoiler-police*
        (( Bye!))

      • 87

        zackids said,

        Hi Romy. I’ve just sent you an email about the competition 🙂

      • 88

        Molly Piddington said,

        Oooh, Romy, is the email exciting?! 😀

  50. 89

    Romy said,

    Truly exciting….

    • 90

      Molly Piddington said,

      You sound depressed…

      (Or is it just me and the three dots? )

      • 91

        Romy said,

        Depressed?! Have you read the very first post!?

      • 92

        Molly Piddington said,

        No… But I just did!

        Congrats! *Hugs wildly* You deserve it!!!

        I’ll see you at the signing, I’ll be wearing a I Heart Skulduggery Pleasant top. 😉

      • 93

        Romy said,

        Thanks! I’m overwhelmed!
        I honestly thought you would but, surprises are good!
        Oh my gosh, where did you get a shirt like that! I want one…
        I’ll meet you there too, I don’t know what I’ll be wearing but I’ll see you!

  51. 94

    Katie Ryan said,

    Hey congrats Romy! I’m really glad you won!! I wish I could see everyone at the signing but I’ll be away as I so tradgicly (Did I spell that right?) declared! Still getting my books signed though!

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