The War of Jenkins’ Ear by Michael Morpurgo

This story about a boy called Ashley Anderson. Ashley Anderson the son of the missionary in Ping Tong Chow. His father was very strict. That’s when the problem comes, but I’ll tell you that later.

The very begining is when Ashley’s mother meets his father. She was a nurse to help the injured soldiers of China; to help the hospital. She was also with her helper (as I called him) Zong Sung. But they just called him Uncle Sung. So that’s when they soon got married and gave birth to a child they called Ashley, Ashley Anderson. But just 6 months after she sadly died. So his father
would paint, in black letters, every year her name. Well then, Ashley wouldn’t really imagine up his mum’s face so that was sad. He then made friends with Lin, who was a really good swimmer and told him how to.

But that is not important, the yetis’ story is…to him…

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