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Hello everyone! Thanks so much for having me as this month’s Star Author. It’s a rather sparkly title but I’ll try and wear it well.

So … a bit about me, to start? Not only am I from Australia but I live all the way over on the other side – near Fremantle, in Western Australia. It’s a brilliant place to live, near beaches and a little patch of bush, and one of my favourite things is staring out the window when I really should be writing.

Writing-wise, I’m all over the place. I came to children’s writing via poetry and have published everything from picture books through to novels for upper primary/lower YA. I continue to write poetry and wherever possible try to sneak poetic language into my prose.

As both a writer and a reader, I’m driven much more by things like character and images/ideas than by plot or story itself. The challenge for me is often trying to find a plot on which to hang the quirky little ideas that have captured my imagination.

I haven’t really decided what I’ll be blogging about this month, but that’s also in keeping with how I write. I’m not much of a planner and tend to launch myself into things, having faith that the story will unravel before me as I go. I’m very fond of a quote by the American writer EL Doctorow: “Writing a novel is like driving a car at night. You can only see as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.”

I look forward to journeying to wherever it is we end up going this month, and I hope you’ll join me along the way. I should add that I’m the kind of traveller who likes to make sudden detours down unexpected tracks, so if there are any particular sights you think we should take in along the way, feel free to grab the wheel!

* Someone who Knows Things About Blogs once told me you absolutely must have a picture in every post, so here is a photo of a boathouse on the Swan River. I love that you can see the river through the open door because it didn’t have a back wall when this photo was taken. It sat like this for ages and whenever I rode my bike past it would make me think about imagination, and portals (which are kind of the same thing, if you think about it a certain way).

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    Tierney Reardon said,

    Wow, that’s such an inspirational photo! It looks like a story prompt.

  2. 2

    Meg McKinlay said,

    It does, doesn’t it? I felt quite sorry when they added the wall. Now you’ve got me wondering what sort of stories might begin here …

  3. 3

    Tierney Reardon said,

    Did you take the photo?

  4. 4

    Meg McKinlay said,

    I was hoping no one would ask that! I wish I had, but what actually happened was that I rode past every day and kept thinking: that’s brilliant! I must take a photo! But then never did – partly because when I’m riding I’m riding and like to keep doing so, and partly because I’m kind of averse to interrupting moment/experience with photo opportunities.

    Then one day the back wall was on and it was too late.

    This is a scanned copy of a photo that appeared in a local newspaper a while later – several years ago now. I keep it on the corkboard above my desk. I almost didn’t post it here because it’s not mine and there are probably copyright issues. But then I did. And perhaps I should take it down…

  5. 5

    […] been thinking about the image of the boathouse in my first post. I think there are lots of reasons why this is appealing, but for me, one is the presence of water. […]

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