So Long And Thanks …

If you’re a Douglas Adams fan, you’ll know that the only way to end that line is with ” … for all the fish”.

Although no one has actually given me any fish, so long and thanks for all the page views doesn’t really have the same ring to it. So I think I’ll go with this.

It’s been great blogging here as your Star Author this month. Thanks for having me. And for letting me ramble. I know I ramble. My editor knows it too. When Zac invited me to blog here, he suggested that 300 words might be a good sort of post length. I totally planned to take his advice. And then I started writing …

If I’m very disciplined, I might manage to keep my ‘So Long’ post under 300 words. Let’s see how I go.

I’m working on a young adult novel at the moment. It needs to be somewhere around 60,000 words. Maybe 70,000 max. I knew this when I started writing it but that hasn’t stopped me writing over 100,000 words. And in some ways I’m still looking for the story. But that’s okay. That’s how I do things. Somewhere in the middle of all the noise, I eventually find the stuff I need.

I hope that somewhere in the middle of the noise I’ve made this month, there were a few bits and pieces of interest to you guys reading along.

Thanks to all of you who have been reading. And thanks especially to Tierney and Ella, for keeping me company in the comments section, and giving me the opportunity to ramble even more.

If you’re interested in keeping up with what’s going on for me, I blog from time to time here: As In Egg.

However, I am a bad blogger, and often forget to add images. And sometimes words. If I’m busy, I have been known to abandon the blog for months at a time. It’s just how things work.

Despite being a bad blogger, I’m also running another blog at the moment. It’s called Ten Tiny Things, after a picture book I recently published with street artist Kyle Hughes-Odgers. It’s a place for secret somethings and hidden happenings and we’d love to have some submissions from New Zealand.

379 words and counting. Oh dear. I’d better go now, for real …

… BYE!!

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  1. 1

    Ella Somers said,

    Hi Meg,

    I can’t believe the month is up already!
    I really enjoyed reading your posts.
    It was really nice to meet you, maybe someday we’ll meet somewhere in person! That would be really cool.
    Good luck and thanks for the answers and advice!

    Ella 😀 🙂

    P. S. I’m reading Surface “Tension” at the moment. I really like it.

  2. 2

    starauthor said,

    Thanks, Ella! It did go quickly, didn’t it? It was great chatting to you and I’m glad my rambling posts were okay! I hope you keep enjoying Surface Tension and that you have fun with Richard Newsome this month. If he’s anything like his books, he’s bound to be entertaining!

  3. 3

    reardonhs said,

    Thanks Meg, I really enjoyed being able to talk to you. It’s always fantastic learning an author’s tips and tricks.

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