Hugo Pepper by Paul Stewart

Hugo Pepper is a 12 year old boy who lives in the Frozen North. His parents, Phineas and Phyllida Pepper, were eaten by polarbears when he was 1, so Harvi and Sarvi Runter-Tun-Tun took him in and raised him as their own. Harvi and Sarvi are simple reindeer herders who leave gifts out for “the snowgiants”, and as Hugo gets older he helps them with the reindeer. One summer, Hugo was looking around the milking shed when he came upon a battered sled, the sled that his parents had arrived in the Frozen North on. With teary good-byes from Harvi and Sarvi, Hugo took off in the sled to Firefly Square, where his parents used to live. He makes friends with the occupants of Firefly Square, and ends up ridding them of a nasty magazine editor who continues to write horrible things about them.

This book is a great read for ages 9-13 because it uses descriptive language and the storyline is easy to follow. I couldn’t put it down, I had to keep reading because Paul Stewart made each chapter close with a hint of mystery, which leaves the reader longing to read on.

There are several illustrations in this book, which I found good because you could use the illustrations as templates for what you imagine the characters to look like.

Paul Stewart is also the author of The Edge Chronicles, another set of books well worth reading.

Megan Blackwood (12)

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