End of the alphabet by Fleur Beale

I love each and every one of NZ author Fleur Beale’s novels, but End of the Alphabet has to be my favourite.  It is the story of Ruby Yarrow; a fourteen-year-old girl who lives in the shadow of her younger brother Max.  Max is smart, talented and adored by everyone.  Ruby struggles at school and is always busy at home.  She cares for her little brothers, cooks the dinner and cleans up after Max.  One day her best friend Tia puts her foot down- she is sick of Ruby being a doormat.  Her outburst gets Ruby thinking…does she want to live her life being treated second best?  Of course not- so begins Ruby’s journey to find her backbone and start standing up to people.

This book is truly outstanding, one of my favourite of all time.  Ruby is one of those characters that you can instantly relate to.  If I could meet a character in one of my books I’d want to meet Ruby.  She’s just so likeable and so easy to understand.  As the book progresses it’s easy to see how Ruby has changed.

If you’re looking for a read that you won’t want to put down, choose End of the Alphabet!  It’s a book that you’ll want to read again and again.

Reviewed by Tierney Reardon.

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    Kia ora koutou, this one is one of my fav’s as well. Terrific everyday story about standing in your own shoes, going for what you want and never giving up. A great inspirational read for our younger teenagers. Ruby shows guts, determination, aroha, manaakitanga and manawa! Kia kaha Ruby!

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