Summertime Reading Club Challenge – Week 4

This is the fourth, and last, of our weekly Summertime Reading Club challenges.  Each week we’ll set you a challenge and you have to comment on the challenge post to go in the draw for the weekly prize, a $50 PaperPlus voucher and a Hoyts movie pass.  We’ll draw the winner on Thursday and announce the winner on Friday when the next challenge is posted.

Congratulations to last week’s winner – Sarah.

This week’s winner is Hadas.

Week 4 Challenge

Leave a comment telling us about a book that you’ve read in the holidays and why you liked it.

Make sure you leave your name and email address as well so that we can contact you if you win.

See below for terms and conditions 

  • To enter this competition you must be between 8 and 13 years old and live in Canterbury. We may ask for proof of your address and your age.
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  • Staff of Christchurch City Libraries and their immediate families are not able to enter.
  • The competition ends on Thursday 17 January 2013 at 6pm.
  • We will notify the winners by telephone and/or email on Friday 18 January 2013.
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20 Responses so far

  1. 1

    Ewen Wong said,

    During the holidays I have read a book called The Secret Garden written by Frances Hodgson Burnett.
    It was about a spoilt girl called Mary who had lost her parent and was sent to her uncle’s home to live but at first she was thin and cranky but soon after going outside and meeting friend she came to her sennses and began to help a cranky, hot-tempered boy,Colin.They found the secret garden which helped Colin stop feeling cranky by him playing outside.
    The reason why I adore this book is because of the unexpected events, the happiness coming from such a sad beginning and the sensational illustrations by Robert Ingpen.

  2. 2

    The book I have read this holidays is Slated by Teri Terry. I enjoyed it because of the fascinating moral dilemmas and the incredible cliffhanger ending.

  3. 3

    Tierney said,

    I just finished My Sister Lives On the Mantlepiece by Annabel Pitcher. It’s a beautiful book, written about a family torn apart after ten-year-old Rose is killed by a bomb. It is written from the viewpoint of James, who was only five when the bomb exploded. Now he is ten, and his mother has just left him, his father and his fifteen-year-old sister Jas (Rose’s twin). Meanwhile, James is facing other problems at his new school; he is being taunted by the class bully, and -worst of all- he has befriended a Muslim.
    James’s father is struggling to move on after Rose’s death, and upon learning that it was a Muslim’s bomb, he has despised them ever since. James knows that if his father found out that he was playing superheros with a Muslim, he would never be forgiven, but Sunya listens to James’s worries like no-one ever has. James has many decisions to make. When will his mum come back and make everything alright?
    This is a wonderful read, a book that’s sad, happy, hopeful and even funny all at the same time. I liked it because it’s written from James’s perspective, because he sees things in such an innocent, optimistic way. If it was written from, for example, Jas’s point of view, it would have been a very different story indeed, and there would be hardly any humour at all.

  4. 4

    Zoe lynch said,

    In the holidays I read The Magic Finger by Roald Dahl. I liked the bit when the girls magic finger turned the Gregg’s arms into wings and they had to sleep in a nest because the ducks stole there house! Now I have started to read The Twits!

  5. 5

    Hadas Livne said,

    Knife is a great book about a daring fairy who has suffered from a curse along with her people that limits them to only flying and rare, unexpected magic. I love this book and couldn’t put it down, the author really put the best things into this book.

  6. 6

    Jamila said,

    I have just finished reading Anne of Green Gables. It was a wounderful book, although it was slightly old fashioned. It was about a girl called Anne, who was an orphan with a very hot temper. She was adopted by two old siblings, by the names of Mathew and Marilla. Mathew and Marilla wanted to adopt a boy, to help around the farm, but ended up getting Anne! I would rate it 9/10, and I would definately reccomend it to anyone between 9 – 13 years old.

  7. 7

    Benek Cowie said,

    The book that I have read in the holidays is The Lord Of The Rings by J.R.R Tolkien. And I liked the bit when Aragorn became king of Helm’s Deep. And I rate it 10/10.

  8. 8

    Justine said,

    I read ‘Knife Edge’ by Malorie Blackman, a book about prejudice and racism. I liked it so much because it was very meaningful and gripping

  9. 9

    Anonymous said,

    In the the holidays I read “Daisy and the Trouble with Kittens” by Kes Gray. There is a whole series of them! I really like them. The first bit about the story was: Daisy and her Mum had just got given some money by Nanny and Grampy because they didn’t need it any more,so Mum said they would go on a big trip to Spain.
    The middle bit of the story was about: Daisy had found 5 kittens and their mother by Daisy’s hotel. They went shopping the next day and Daisy asked if she could by cat food and her mum said ‘no’. Daisy decided to sneak the cat food and it worked but by the time they got home her mum found out. After dinner daisy went down to feed the the kittens.
    The last bit about the story was about: Daisy played with her freinds for most of the day. She told her mum about the kittens living next to the rubbish bins. Mum didn’t care. That night Daisy went out again to feed the kittens and their mother. When she got back she asked her mum if she could keep the 5 kittens and her mum again said no.Daisy went to bed. In the morning Daisy’s mum woke up with a scream. She had found the kittens in bed. Then a kind man that worked at the hotel said that he would look after the kittens and Daisy and her mum went home.

    I rate this book 10/10. i reccomend it to anyone 7-10 for girls.

  10. 10

    Hannah Warwick said,

    The above review was by Hannah

  11. 11

    Ella said,

    The book that I’ve read these holidays, that I thought very highly of, was, Murder On The Orient Express by Agatha Christie.

    Famous detective Hercule Piorot, is boarding on the Orient Express. After a restless night, Poirot awakes, to find out that the train has been brought to a standstill by a huge snow drift, and that a passenger lies dead in his berth – murdered…

    Hercule, sets off to find the killer, trying to find clues and shreds of evidence, that could help to solve the case.
    He starts to find clues, but nothing seem to fit the puzzle. Things are not fitting properly into place, nothing makes sense.

    Will Hercule solve the mystery, and find the killer?

    I really enjoyed this book! It was full of twists and turns, difficult dilemmas and puzzling plots.

    Every time I thought I knew who the killer was, I was proved wrong. And when I read the ending, I was blown over, I hadn’t seen it coming.
    But when Hercule showed the facts and clues, it all fitted perfectly together like a jigsaw puzzle. Days after reading it, I’m still wondering how Agatha Christie came up with it.

    All I can say, is that Agatha Christie must be one of the best crime writers and crime solvers in the world! She would have made an amazing detective!

  12. 12

    Sophie Ling Rogers said,

    I really liked sleep overs by Jacqueline Wilson because it was really funny I liked the bit were Chloe peed her pants because of daisy’s big sister who had dilemma. also the illustrations were fantastic.

  13. 13

    Josh rogers said,

    Ratburger by david walliams was a choice book. I dont like many books but this was real funny and was interesting to read. i read it really fast because it was so good. Bits of it were disgusting like when Zoe had to pick her stepmums nose cos she was too lazy to do it…but it made me laugh.The drawings were really interesting too and not nerdy.

  14. 14

    Eibhlin said,

    I read The Hobbit and loved it. Then my mum said I could go to see the movie because I had read the book. It was TERRIFYING and AMAZING at the same time. How could that be possible?? The wargs were creepy and I felt like their teeth were sinking into my brain later that night! I was quite disapponted when I realised that it was in three parts and I would have to wait for the next movie BUT I am looking forward to Smaug.

    At least I got to see Gollum and his precious. I can do a good impersonation of him. I’ll show you next time I see you!

    E ❤

    • 15

      Saoirse said,

      I have finally got round to finishing the How to Train your Dragon series by Cressida Cowell. I had only read the first book a couple of years ago and now I’m back into Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III. I’ve been listening to it on talking book read by David Tennant and it adds a whole new dimension. It also means that I can read even when we are travelling, walking, or feeding the pets! It drives my family nuts as I can’t hear what they are saying most of the time. 🙂

      I found in every book that Hiccup has a near-death experience – it keeps you on the edge of your seat until it is all over! Cressida Cowell is a great author/translator of Old Norse (in-joke!) and uses words so well. I hope she has a new book out soon.


  15. 16

    Sarah Powley said,

    In the holidays I have read a book called The Circus Collection, by Enid Blyton.
    This book is about a boy called Jimmy who starts of being just a normal school boy but then he is asked to join the circus with his mother and father.
    He helps with all the animals (Jumbo the elephant, Sammy the chimpanzee, the horses, the ten dogs and many more.) But most of all he looks after his own dog, Lucky.
    He makes a friend called Lotta who is cheeky but loyal.
    From time to time there are problems and solutions.
    Jimmy is always meeting new people as they come and go with their animals.
    Lucky his dog can do amazing tricks and because of this Jimmy is allowed to bring his dog into the circus ring so she can perform tricks.

    Enid Blyton is a great author and I have read many of her books.
    I think this book will help people understand about the circus life as Jimmy travels around with it.
    I think this is a great book and children aged 5 & over will enjoy it so if you like animals and are interested about the circus this is the book to read! 🙂

  16. 17

    Luke said,

    In the holidays I read a book called Shark Bait Extreme Adventures
    by Justin D’Ath.
    its about a boy called Sam Fox. He’s on holiday with his family at the Great Barrier Reef. Sam and a young Japanese tourist are exploring the corral reef when they get washed off away by a freak wave. Sam and his new friend are out at sea. they will need to use all there survival techniques. Sam must fight threw corral reef sharks, bull sharks, sea snakes, clams, bulls, huge dogs, massive birds and all sorts of other things to keep himself and his new friend from dying.
    An action-packed roller-coaster ride, Shark Bait is a thrilling and scary book.

  17. 18

    Stephanie said,

    In the holidays I read an amazing book called Bewitched by Kate Saumders.
    Young Flora Fox only cares about herself and her laptop until she mysteriously gets teleported to 1935 and has to go to boarding school. She is only allowed to travel back to the 21st century when she has completed her ‘task’. Inbetween meeting new friends and school work she discovers and changes her self senteredness, helps someone else in need and brings there family together.

    bewitched is an amazing and beautifully crafted novel. I loved this novel because it shows her realisation and proves that friendship is all you need.

  18. 20

    hattieg said,

    My favourite book I recently read has to be Divergent by Veronica Roth.

    16 year-old Tris has to make a choice that could change her life. When she is split from her family, she can trust no one. But she is drawn to a boy who both torments and helps her. But Tris is not safe. But another startling moment is about to change her life- again.

    Divergent is an amazing book for those who like dystopian novels (eg. The Hunger Games.) and older children as it has a bit of violence in it.But this book is oneof the best books I have ever read- I am sure you’ll love it too!

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