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Hi everyone, 

At the moment I’m working on an adult thriller that I’m presenting to a literary agent in about a month. They don’t want to look at a big wad of paper, they want you to write 50 words in the form of a back-cover blurb telling them what your story is about, they want a one-page summary of your story and the first five pages of the written story. It’s a great thing to do as it forces you to cut your story down to the essence. What is it about? What happens to who?


You’ve got to make it interesting and grab their attention – like the fireworks exploding in the photo. If you are working on a story try and write 50 words to describe your story and make me excited about it. Put them up on the blog and I’ll make comments. 


ps. I live in Al Ain, in the United Arab Emirates. That’s on the Arabian Peninsular between Oman and Saudi Arabia. 


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    Shan @ DearStephenKing said,

    That’s a great challenge, I find it hard to summarise stories in one paragraph. It’s a muscle I need to strengthen! Good luck with the agent!

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