Scrap – Tale of a Blond Puppy.


Hi everyone,

I’ve got a new series coming out very soon, about a blond heading dog. It was partly inspired by this dog, Lana, who is a working sheepdog and won the National Heading Dog Champs in 2007. She’s blond, which is quite an unusual colour for a heading dog and some farmers don’t like them as they think the sheep don’t react the same to a blond dog. I wanted to write a book about a working sheepdog for a long time and her story gave me the inspiration I needed.

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    Tierney said,

    That sounds really interesting! I wonder why people think that sheep would react to a blond dog the same?

  2. 2

    Tierney said,

    Whoops! I meant, I wonder why people think that sheep WOULDN’T react to a blond dog the same!

  3. 3

    starauthor said,

    Good question Tierney. Some farmers think that a blond dog running around a large paddock of sheep just looks like another sheep – the sheep don’t turn and run the same as if it was a black and tan dog.

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