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Has anyone summarised their story in under 50 words? I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve come up with. If you haven’t got a story try and write 50 words that would go on the back cover of a book set in the place in the photo – Petra in Jordan. What could it be about – hidden treasure, ghosts, an ancient civilization, giants? Image

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    Looks like a grand entrance to a fort hewn into a hill side. I wonder what it is like inside? Could you post more pictures?

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    starauthor said,

    Hi Rajansomanathan,
    I like your description of the photo. Yes, it’s called the Treasury and it’s part of an ancient lost city in Petra, Jordan. The inside is very plain, just a big square carved room. There is a rumour that the lost treasure of the Nabateans is hidden inside the conical dome at the top of the cylinder. If you get up close you can see bullet holes where people have fired guns at it to try and break it open.

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