Andy Griffiths Writing Challenge #2

Andy Griffiths, the author of Just Crazy, Just Tricking, Zombie Bums from Uranus and The 13-storey Treehouse, has just released his book about writing, called Once Upon a Slime.  In this very cool book he gives lots of tips about writing and some activities to help you become a better writer.  You’re probably looking for something to do in the holidays so why not try an Andy Griffiths writing challenge.

In the box below there is a writing challenge from Andy’s book, Once Upon a Slime.  Why not try it out and post your writing here on the blog.  Just post your piece of writing as a comment at the end of this post, along with your name and email address.  At the end of the week we’ll choose our favourite piece of writing and the author will win a prize pack of goodies from Typo.

Twelve Doors

Imagine that you are standing in front of twelve doors.  Behind one there is a fabulous treasure.  Behind the others are eleven of the most dangerous things in the world. Describe what lies behind each one.

For more great writing ideas check out Andy Griffiths’ new book, Once Upon a Slime.

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    Tierney said,

    This is so cool! What an awesome writing competition. I love writing prompts. Ok, here is my entry. My name is Tierney. Beware the Twelve Doors!

    The Twelve Doors.

    The Doors. Most people haven’t heard of them. Perhaps this is a good thing. After all, everyone who hears of the Twelve Doors is sure to go searching for them…and each journey ends in the same way.
    Traveler, I don’t know who you are, or what your life is like. But I do know that it is for the better if you leave. Go- return to your life, to your family and your home. One day, you will forget all this. You will be happier knowing nothing about the Twelve Doors. You insist. I thought you would. Very well…I will tell you.
    The Twelve Doors are hidden in the darkest corner of the earth, concealed in a thick jungle in South America. You will never find it on any atlas. If you wish to find the Temple of the Twelve Doors, you must use this map. Here- take it. Don’t ask me how I got it. By following the instructions on the map, you will lead yourself into this jungle, through the humid air and thick vines. Finally, if you have been careful, you will enter a large clearing. In the centre there will be a large temple, with hundreds of steps leading to the top. The climb is long, but if you wish to find the Cup, you must be willing to do anything, least of all climb these steps.
    If you reach the top, you will find twelve doors, each rising up from the ground like gravestones. Inside each one is a spiral staircase, leading down into the labyrinth of horrors within. Eleven of these doors will lead you to certain doom. Only those with strength, courage and wit can escape. However, the twelfth door contains the Cup- and the Cup is the thing that tempted the unfortunate adventurers that came before you, traveler. What is the Cup? It is described only by legend, as no-one has seen it but the person who put it there, so many centuries ago. According to the myths, it is a large silver chalice, studded with precious gemstones. If you fill the Cup with water, the water will turn into a powerful elixir that can heal all wounds. When sprinkled on the ground, the water makes trees grow that bear apples of solid gold. Who-ever finds the Cup will gain a never-ending supply of this water, which brings fame, fortune beyond compare, even immortality. Of course, the odds are that you will first have to face at least one of the booby traps laid out for you.
    One door leads to an empty chamber. When the adventurer enters, the door is locked, and they are entrapped until their bones turn to dust. Another door conceals a bowl of poisonous fruit, so ripe and beautiful that even the most strong-willed can’t resist taking a bite. Another door takes you to a room full of venomous vipers. The other eight hold many more horrors, from wasps to trapdoors to ancient Aztec beasts, that supposedly remain only in myths. However, traveler, if you manage to survive these eleven tombs, the Cup is yours.
    You seem speechless, traveler. You have a decision to make, although I already know what you will choose to do. Oh? A question? How do I know so much about something so secret? When I was young, traveler, I accompanied several adventurers on their quest for the Cup. I refused to enter any of the Doors, choosing to watch as my friends succumbed to their greed. I will not tell you any more. There is nothing I can do to help you. You must go now. Your fate awaits you, traveler.

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    Ella said,

    This is my entry, I hope you enjoy it! I had heaps of fun writing it!


    Good morning, stranger, and what brings you to my door?
    Ah, you need not say anything, I can guess where you are heading.
    How, you ask? I have seen many young people pass my door, all with the feverish look in their eyes, all heading the same way.
    But I can see in your eyes, stranger, that you are still not sure about your choice, were you pushed into this, stranger, called a coward, because you were not sure? How do I know this, as well, stranger?
    Ah, I am what people call a Reader. No, I do not read books, I read people. I can read their desires, their fears, their deepest regrets, yes, I can see right in to you soul, stranger. No, I do not know your name, my gift, does not allow me to see that. Nor do I wish to know it, for it makes me remember the people who walked past my door, to their deaths.
    Now, stranger, tell me the real reason, you are walking this path.
    Ah, wait. Close your mouth. I am a Reader, remember. Wait, I am looking into your heart, yes… yes… It is a women, isn’t it, stranger? You are deeply in love with her, you would walk the ends of the earth for her, so deep is your love for her. Now, what has she done, to make you walk this path, hmm? Ah, now I see, it is her father, yes? I thought so.
    So this is why you are walking this road to your death, you are poor, your job does not supply you much money, you have a little sister who you love dearly, but she is sick, and one day soon, you fear she will die. And this women you are in love with, she is a rich, isn’t she? And even though she loves you, and you love her back, her father, doesn’t agree to the match, yes? He does not want a poor peasant marrying his beautiful rich daughter. He thinks she should marry someone else and he has someone in mind who is very, very rich but is also cruel, yes?
    And this father, he is scared that you will runaway with his daughter, makes a bargain with you. If you go to The Twelve Doors, and come back with the prize, he will let his daughter marry you and even make you a knight, so you have a position in his household. So you agreed to come on this quest.
    So that is your story, stranger, and a strange one, too. I knew as soon as I saw you stranger, that there was something different about you, and now I know. You tread this path, for the people you love, not for greed, which is all the other poor souls who came this way have fallen too.
    And for that stranger, I am going to give you a word of advice for what you face ahead. Now, come closer, so I may whisper in you ear.
    Now, are you listening, stranger? Good. What you need to face the horrors ahead is not a weapon, but your wits. Yes, stranger, your wits. For the horrors that hide in the eleven doors, are actually spirits, evil spirits, that are desperate for fresh souls, but they can only kill the souls that are already tainted. That is why the greedy travellers that have gone before you have never came back, for their souls have been tainted with greed. Now, you, stranger, Your soul is pure, I can sense it. As the spirits try to take you soul, fight them with your mind. Think of all the good things you have ever done, and most of all think about the love you share with the women. The spirits can not battle against love for it is to pure and beautiful for them. They will slowly weaken and grow transparent and then disappear.
    In each of the eleven doors, their is a spirit, and the more doors you grow through, the more evil they are…
    When you reach the twelfth door, and that is if, you survive up to the twelfth door, take your treasure, and begone from that evil place. Go home and marry your lady and forget The Twelve Doors.
    Now go, for I have helped you in all the ways I can.
    What is it, stranger?
    What is the treasure, you ask? Ah, I can not say, for it is supposedly different for everyone. Now go.
    Farewell, Stranger. And… good luck.

  3. 3

    Ella said,

    Umm, sorry, instead of putting ‘go’ I accidentally put ‘grow’ instead! Sorry!

  4. 4

    Ben said,

    This is my entry!

    The Twelve Doors.

    Door 1: Holds a fearsome sleeping monster which will awaken, if the traveller is foolish enough to open the door. It will devour him and then go back to his horrible slumber.

    Door 2: Houses a horrible ancient civilisation, armed with spears that are dipped in lethal poison.

    Door 3: Is the ghost of an old traveller, who will haunt your mind and make you wither into dust.

    Door 4: A giant gem, but it is not a reward. It will fill you with greed, and that greed will be the death of you.

    Door 5: Has a wicked sorceress called Madame Risha, who will make you disappear into nothing.

    Door 6: Is an ever going darkness, which will swallow you up, and you will die, suffocating, slowly and painfully.

    Door 7: Is a giant viper. It’s poison is a slow killer.

    Door 8: Is a trap door with an everlasting fall into space.

    Door 9: A volcano, in which you fall into and melt to death.

    Door 10: A giant Cyclops, with a giant club, who will hit the victim until it’s body turns to mash. Then he eats it.

    Door 11: Is a dragon-bird, who will swoop down from the sky, grab the victim in it’s talons and take it back to her nest to feed to to her young brood.

    Door 12: If the traveller has by some miracle survived to Door 12, the prize is miles of gold and rivers of jewels…all the traveller’s…
    …Except, suddenly, the traveller realizes that all the treasure is just an illusion and he dies of a broken heart.

    Oh well, that’s how life goes.

  5. 5

    Luka said,

    Hi, I’m Luka, and this is my entry.

    You stare blankly at the semicircle row of doors embedded in the rock. One has mounds of gold, silver, platinum, treasure beyond your wildest dreams. Unfortunately, the other 11 could mean your doom. Demons, thousand-metre drops onto mounds of jagged rocks, crocodile pits- but all of that is legend, you tell yourself. You count the told dangers on your fingertips. There are the crocodiles, the demons, the rocks. That’s three. Poison gas, basilisks, haunted suits of armour programmed to stab you to death- 6. The other five are unheard of. You prepare yourself for the dangers ahead of you. Gripping your dagger, you turn the handle. Crossing your fingers, you enter.

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