The Red Stilettos by Bailey Reardon

Check out this awesome story that Bailey wrote using Andy Griffiths’ ‘Write a Story Starring You!’ writing exercise.

The Red Stilettos

I looked over my shoulder. Miss Andrew, my new teacher, was looking down at me.
”What are you doing, Bailey?” she said in a sharp voice.
”Um, not much,” I replied, turning the page of my maths book and hiding my doodles. Miss Andrew clip-clopped in her bright red stilettos over to the grubby blackboard.
”Right, for homework you can copy out the twelve times table ten times.”
A muffled groan came from the children. They started to pack their things up. ”I will meet you at music class,” she smiled, showing off her shiny white teeth. But there was something wrong
with her teeth. They were unusually pointy, and had little red specks on them.
She stepped forward to my desk and looked around. She walked behind the desk. I could feel her breathing over my neck, then I remembered her pointy teeth and spun around. She shrieked then her eyes went black. A tall crumpled collar was supporting her head. Her black cloak was smothering the paint-stained ground. She was still wearing her red stilettos. She screamed again, then swished her cloak and was gone in a puff of black smoke. Now I know not to trust my teachers.

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